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Life is all meant to fill with positivity and happiness. And it’s rightly said that happiness gets double when it’s shared. The joy of becoming a reason for someone else’s smile is something out of the world. Indeed, there are thousands of ways to do so but simple gifts and surprises always take the heart. 

There is no doubt that flowers win the hearts of all of us with their sweetest fragrance. But, knowing the right one is essential, otherwise in a second, all your efforts will go in vain. Although, nature has luckily provided us with tons of options ranging from roses, lilies, sunflowers, daisies, lotus, marigolds, carnations, and so on. But the more the options are, the more is the chance of getting confused. No doubt that we are here to help you to decide the most perfect one for that special person.

It is recommended to combine one more special surprise along with flowers. What about satisfying their cravings with the yummiest cakes? Just like how flowers have a hell of a lot of options similarly, cakes to come with various flavors. Surprise those lovely sweethearts of your life and have some flowers and cake delivery directly at their doorstep. 

Know from where to shop?

Knowing the best shops and websites is very important. You may know what to shop for, but if you fail to find good stores, then all your surprises will go in vain. There are plenty of traditional shops in your locality which may serve the best ones. But will they be able to have flowers and cake delivery just within the exact time, without making your surprise a bit late?

That tingling feeling in the stomach of your loved one or that eyes sparkling with happiness at the sight of receiving those flowers is something too precious. Doubtlessly, this combo of flowers and cakes can heighten the overall mood. OyeGifts can help you to select such hampers of flowers and cakes if you truly wish to be the Santa Clause of someone else’s life.

The debate between online and physical offline markets is although not old this clash should never stop you from being a reason for someone’s happiness. There are numerous online shopping stores available nowadays. And in this digital era of modernization, it’s not a problem to have flowers and cake delivered to far distant friends, colleagues, family members, or to your future partner.

Best time to send?

In a diversified country like India where all cultures live with peace and harmony, we are never out of festivals. We celebrate the smallest of accomplishments with a bunch of lovely flowers. But what can be better to double up the enjoyment with some sweet tooth? Cakes are a must-have item on every occasion.

Although previously cakes were only brought during birthday celebration but currently, the thing has been changed. Whether it be a small get-together, marriage anniversaries, the birth of a child, or maybe just mere happy news, all of these ask for a grand celebration. Diwali, Navratri, Holi, Dusshera all are festivals of lights and colors. Similarly, the Christmas celebration is incomplete without cake cutting.

On one side, flowers create magic with their freshness and positive vibe. On the other hand, if you are to have some close ones who are true cake lovers, then gifting a hamper containing flowers and a cake can never fade out their happiness. There is no need for a special event. Special moments are the result of our efforts and all created by us. The yummiest of cakes bring the sweetest of smiles. So, let us grab the hampers and have flowers and cake delivered to anywhere of your choice.  

Know more about this combo of flowers and cake!

No celebration is completed without a cake. Make the whole event more fruitful with freshly and hygienically baked yummy cakes, which surely going to melt you with the taste. Its recommended not to forget to couple it with a lot of new blossoms to upgrade the appeal dramatically. No need to think or worry about the taste, quality, and freshness as we are all experienced in handling the gifts with extreme care and passion.

So, there are hampers of flowers of cake which are specially arranged based on certain events. You can easily make your selection from the list –

Gifting to soulmate

The bond which you have with your soulmate can never be matched with anything else. But, we too have something similar to offer to you guys. Red roses and some delicious chocolate cakes combo can win the hearts of many couples. Right? Indeed, we have this out-of-the-world combo just special for your “True Soulmate”.

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Luck Bamboo Plant and Half Kg Pineapple Cake

Express your heartiest emotions and gratitude to anyone in your life with the most exceptional combo. Lucky bamboo can be the most perfect one that can easily go along with some sweet tangy pineapple cake. As the name says “lucky bamboo”, you can understand how much positivity it can bring to one’s life.

Birthday celebration

Birthday Celebration

Make the born day more special with a tidy and wholesome hamper of flowers and a dark chocolate cake. This hamper contains a charming hand-attached pack of alluring red and white roses with heaps of occasional fillers. The loveliest aspect is that this bundle of beautiful blooms turns out to be as lovely as the birthday person who will get a double surprise with the mouth-watering dark chocolate cake.

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