Mother’s day is the occasion of celebrations and surprises. Everyone plans new ideas to surprise dear mother uniquely. Children save their pocket money to buy small gifts such as flowers or chocolate or their favourite sweets. Children who are interested in cooking prepare a delicious Maggi or another item for mom. This dish is prepared under a mission mode. Generally, the dish is made at that hour when she is taking nap in the afternoon. These cute items and efforts are appreciable.

Both the kids and the mothers cherish the happy moments of childhood. When we grow up, we move to different cities to pursue our higher education and get a good jobs. Almost every individual goes to some metropolitan city seeking better opportunities. Under these conditions, it is not possible to come back to the hometown every time for celebrations. At this point, there is a need for a delivery service which not only delivers gifts timely but also has a variety of options to order. There is a website to rescue you in these circumstances.

All thanks to OyeGifts! They have exclusive gifts for mother’s day occasions. You can send mother’s day gifts anywhere in India. The gift will be sent to the address within 2 to 3 hours. This work is done completely through online mode. You can send mother’s day gifts online. Explore trendy gifts: A pack full of dry fruits-It is the most valuable gift you can give to your mother. Sending dry fruits in India is considered caring. Generally, this gift is sent to elders. If your mother loves dry fruits then gift her a dry fruit gift hamper. There are multiple options available which can be selected according to the choice.

Selfcare Basket

Tempted To Unveil The Secret

Selfcare basket this basket contains products which can be used by females for their skin and hair care. It has products such as body lotions, body wash, hair conditioner, a hand towel and other accessories. Different brands launch their self-care products in a combination form. You can order according to your mother’s choice.


Be You TiFul Designer Pillar

Candles though this is a unique gift, the utility of this gift depends from person to person. If you are mother loves to decorate her living room or bedroom with varied fragrances, then this is the correct gift. These candles when lit spread the Aroma of sweet perfume throughout the room. They make the environment of the room stress-free and peaceful. It also helps in peaceful sleep.


Personalized Healthy Gifts

Cookies they are a favourite of every person. Having cookies with tea is the best combination you can ever imagine provided you should be a cookie lover. If your mother has a taste for cookies then you should give her delicious delicacies. Cookies come in combination with chocolates and other snacks.


Watches how can we leave this gift when it is a mother’s day occasion. Gifting your mother a designer watch at an affordable cost is a good idea. Watches are available in gold and silver colours with different design details. If you are mother is a working woman then she is going to thank you for gifting her such a beautiful and useful gift.


Magnificent Money Plant And Ceramic Pot

If you are in this section then it is for sure that you or your mother is a plant lover. Plants enhance the beauty of the environment. Indoor plants can be kept inside the room. They add to the interior decor. The plant can be bought before searching about the conditions in which they are to be kept.

Lucky Plants

2 Layer-Bamboo Plant In Maa Mug

Lucky Plants gifting someone bamboo is considered as lucky. They are a lucky charm for the person and the house. Gifting bamboo to your mother will make her believe that you value her beliefs and sentiments. Even double-layered Bamboo in a glass pot is available.



Chocolates barely we come across people who don’t like chocolates. Chocolates are sometimes substituted for desserts. They are delicious and uplift our mood when feeling low. You can gift your mother whichever chocolates she likes. The chocolates are available in every brand. Also, there is a section of dark chocolate for people.


Cake for Mom

I remember that in our childhood days we used to prepare dishes for mom in which king was a priority but we failed to do so due to lack of skills. No celebration is complete without cake. Be it a birthday or marriage anniversary or mother’s day occasion, the cake is a must. We can order the cake of any flavour. This surprise can be sent individually or by ordering a combination of cake with flowers or a teddy. This gift will surprise your mother, for sure.


Women's grey handbag combo

You can give your mother a beautiful handbag. Females love bags in every size. There is a combination of handbags which contains bags of every size suiting different occasions. Handbags are an essential part of dress for women for they don’t have big pockets to carry articles.


Women's grey handbag combo

Cosmetics females love to get ready for different occasions or just any day for themselves. Gifting your mother or set of cosmetics is one of the best options. This set contains essential products which are used for any makeup. Contents are lipstick, eye makeup, face powder, blush etc. Your mother will like to gift.



When utterly confused and do not know what to gift, then go for a bouquet of roses. It is a pleasant surprise to receive this gift. Flowers can be ordered according to your choice. There are multiple options such as pink roses, Red roses, yellow roses, multi-coloured roses, purple orchids and pink lilies. You can combine a bouquet with cake or chocolate or teddies. This combination is a complete gift in itself. Sending flowers is always welcoming. Fresh flowers are picked and combined to form the bouquet.

Mother’s day occasions should be made special for your mother. This is a sweet way of showing your love in affection for her. From our childhood till now our parents try to make our Birthday special, hence it is our duty to make some special occasions memorable for them. Mother’s day is one such occasion.

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