These days people place orders for their gifts online through websites for their dear ones. Flowers are used in every event for celebrations and other purposes. It is very important to send some gift or a bouquet to show affection and respect for the events of your dear ones. Thanks to OyeGifts, many varieties of bouquets are available on the website. You can order flowers online just by visiting and clicking upon the most suitable option. Even if you are not present physically at the event, your gift of a flower bouquet will compensate for this absence. You can send flowers anywhere in India. If you have to send flowers to Mumbai then this is the perfect place. There are bouquets available keeping in mind various occasions. They also have a different pattern in which the bouquet is created.

Let us explore some of the ideas for flower bouquets:

The bouquet of love and emotion

Emotions and love

This is the bouquet which is liked by many. The all Rose bouquet in red is alluring. You can send these flowers to show your affection towards your dear one. The red roses are embedded in green leaves and small white flowers. The entire combination looks mesmerizing. This is one of the best-selling options which is in demand by the people.

The flowery celebrations

Flowery Celebrations Wishes

This is a beautiful combination to gift on someone’s birthday. This small cute combination contains all yellow roses in the bouquet. A birthday wish card is available where you can put your message. A delicious black forest cake is also added to the combination. Last but not the least, dairy milk chocolate and a small white teddy bear complete the gift. This is a perfect combination to send on events like birthdays.

The yellow bunch

My Yellow Bunch

You can send a beautiful bouquet inside or pink cellophane wrapping. The flowers are yellow roses collected together and tied by a yellow bow. The entire bouquet looks beautiful. You can gift this to people on their marriage anniversary, promotion, etc. Yellow roses are found rare.

The beautiful combination of the mixed colours

Mix Color of Roses and Gerberas with Celebration Pack

This bouquet is made of different variety of roses clubbed together to form a pretty bouquet. The roses are tied together in transparent white wrapping paper. Green leaves and small white flowers are added to enhance the beauty. A pack of dairy milk chocolates is also added to the combination of gifts. This is a perfect gift which can be given to your roommate, fellow mate or anyone else.

The roses embedded with chocolates

The roses embedded w

This bouquet of Red roses are prepared by inserting dairy milk chocolates in the alternate place. This is a mix of chocolate and roses. This is a unique style of bouquet. You can gift it to your friends who like chocolates. Such bouquet is designed to be given on occasions like birthdays or some small event.

Celebrations in light yellow

Celebration Time

This is a combination of yellow roses bouquet along with a box of Cadbury dairy milk celebration. The roses bouquet is a symbol of peace and serenity. The additional box of dairy milk chocolate is a sweet gesture of sending sweets to people on theirbirthdays. This is a special gift prepared for sending warm wishes to your friends and family.

The mixed gerbera arrangement

The mixed gerbera arrangement

This bouquet is based on the support of a small wooden basket at the centre. The flowers are arranged together along with beautiful big leaves in light green colour. The flowers are pink, red and white in colour. This is a unique bouquet which is prepared for big events. A small delicious black forest cake accompanies the bouquet. You can send this gift on occasions like a wedding anniversary.

The blooming love

The blooming love

You can send a beautiful heart shape bouquet to your partner or spouse. This heart shape bouquet is made up of red roses which are closely packed. This is a beautiful bouquet which is sent to express your love towards him. You can also gift this bouquet to your close friends on their birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

The big bouquet

Basket Arrangement of Pink and Orange Gerberas

This bouquet is supported by a small wooden basket. It has many flowers that to in different varieties. It contains big pink gerbera flowers with long stems along with orchids in pink and purple colour. Big leaves and white roses add to the volume of the bouquet. This is a pretty bouquet which you can send to events like marriage anniversaries.

The kit kat pot

This is a pretty bouquet of roses with long stems. The light pink roses look attractive. The base of the bouquet is tied by a bunch of kit kat chocolate which looks like a pot. This is a small serene gift.

The exotic basket

Pink Teddy Bear with Exotic Red Rose Basket

This is a collection of flowers in a wooden basket. The flowers are roses in pink, yellow and white. A small white teddy bear is arranged at the back of the basket which gives the look of a teddy bear peeping from the flowers. The basket is tied by a yellow and white bow. Green leaves are added in the middle to increase the essence of the flower basket.

The bouquet in jute

Mix Roses Bouquet In Jute Wrapping

This is a unique kind of bouquet prepared to give a complete natural look. Roses in red, yellow, white and pink are collected in two layers. The stem of the roses is not detached. The base of the stems is wrapped in a jute cloth to give it a mesmerizing look.

The purple Paradise

Purple Paradise

This is a collection of purple orchids which is placed in a small pot. The orchids look beautiful in their flare. Such a bouquet of orchids is soothing to the eyes. You can give this bouquet to your friends or family. A bouquet of orchids is rarely found. The purple colour is not less than a Paradise.

You can explore exclusive flower ideas available on the website. There is a wide variety of flowers available. Different varieties and colours can be gifted on different occasions. These flowers are collected from the best florists and are fresh. The bouquet is delivered within hours of placing the order.

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