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What is the one thing that you love the most in your life and cannot lose it at any cost? Who is that one person who makes you feel at home every time you are distressed? Who embraces you all the time despite the fact that you have grown up? Well, it seems you already know the person about whom we are talking here and that; in fact, the answer to all these questions is amusingly similar. The person is none other than our mothers. Now, with this being spoken, are you aware of the fact that mother’s day is knocking at your door since 8th May is nearing at quite a speedy rate? Guess, you have totally forgotten about that single day where you can convey your love and affection to your mother without hesitation and without caring what others will say. Come with us and discover some of the amazing last-minute mother’s day gift ideas that will definitely make the day more lively and special.

Mother’s day is celebrated to pay her the gratitude that we often forget to do amidst our busy lives. This only day gives us an opportunity to treat her like a queen, like our saviour. This particular day is only meant for her, where she is meant to receive loads of love and solicitude for her children even though, a mother will never ask for anything in return of the things she has done for her kid. Thereupon, it is your responsibility to surprise her with the best mother’s day gifts and make her feel like she is on cloud nine.

Here, we have listed down some of the unique gifts ideas by which you can make her day special. Don’t forget, here we have discussed the ways in which you will be able to bring that age-old full-scale grin on her face that actually reaches up to your eyes and so, doesn’t expect our ideas to be some of the materialistic gifts.

A healthy brunch with some bedtime gifts

Mothers always tend to neglect their own health while taking care of ours. Most of the times they forget to take a healthy breakfast or even sometimes the lunch because they become so busy in her responsibilities. But, on this one day, don’t let her skip her meals and instead take the responsibility on your own shoulder and treat her like the queen. Prepare a healthy branch like the fruit salad with custard, bread toast with scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes with peas and green tea and present her as soon as she wakes up from her slumber. In addition, you can also choose some personalized mother’s day gifts like flower bouquets, chocolate baskets or even a little handmade card.

Sticky notes with quotes on them and gifts for each note

Though it might sound quite difficult, it is one of the best ways to make her feel like a little kid who is on a treasure hunt! Write some of the words on sticky notes that will perfectly delineate your unspoken love for your mom and stick them to places where she usually visits on normal days. And with each note, place a gift of her choice like small and cute teddy bears, photo frame, your old childhood t-shirt and some others.

Personalized wall paintings with crafts

This is one of the top mother’s day gift ideas since it will leave a permanent effect on her mind and she will always remember that no matter where her kid is, he/she will always remain dear to her, forever. Paper lanterns, photo-flexed prints, DIY graffiti saying “I LOVE YOU MOM”, a big photo frame having her smiling and carefree face along with yours are some of the best ideas with which you can decorate her room at night and surprise her at the morning.

Memory album with your own words of gratitude and affection

If you are not with your mother and you are missing your mom greatly, then don’t worry about this mother’s day. We have come up with one of the unique mother’s day gift ideas that will definitely convey your love to her even when you are not there. Make a photo album with all the photos of you and your mother and design it in a wonderful way, almost like a scrapbook. Along with that, record a CD with your own words about how much you love her and also describe each photograph and the memories related to it. You can expect her to call immediately after she will complete seeing the gift because of your heartfelt action.

A Delicious Fruit Cake

Surprise your mother this Mother’s Day with a super delicious fruit cake that arrives as the perfect surprise right at her doorstep. No celebrations can ever be complete without some slices of mouth-watering cakes. It is like cakes have become an indispensable part of every special occasion to put it precisely. Let this Mother’s Day be no exception. Send her a freshly baked cake that comes with fresh fruit toppings. This cake is a unique choice as the rich creamy texture along with the tangy and sweet taste of fresh fruit toppings that includes kiwis, apples, oranges etc. leaves an aftertaste which invariably leaves the heart craving for more and more and more. If your mother is fond of cakes, then we are sure that she will love this delightful gift on Mother’s Day.

A Jumbo Size Greeting Card

Although we understand that it is the times of social media, but you can possibly never deny the magic of greeting cards for any kind of special occasion. The best thing about such cards is that it can make your mother feel extremely special in the span of few minutes only. When you gift a jumbo card, then the joy seems no bounds to put it precisely. Choose to surprise your darling mother with such a card that comes with heart-touching message. Not only will your mother love such a surprise, but she is going to treasure this card for years to come and think of the exceptional Mother’s Day surprise whenever she looks at it. It is extremely easy to make the mothers happy and for this, a simple greeting card can indeed work wonders to put it precisely.

Flowers And Fruits

Is your mother into healthy eating habits? Does your mother love fruits? Are you looking for some Mother’s Day gifts for your darling mother who is into dieting? Well, go in for this amazing combination hamper of fresh fruits along with beautiful blooms to put it precisely. Find an incredible range of classic combinations where a bunch of mixed velvety roses are combined with a decorative basket full of fresh fruits. Also, there are options like a tray of fresh apples being combined with a bunch of vibrant gerberas etc. This combination of fresh fruits along with flowers, work as a magical gift and it is the perfect mix for the matter. This Mother’s Day, don’t miss out on this opportunity on making your beloved mother when you plan to drop the surprise at the early hours of the morning.

Pooja Essentials

Mothers are known for their spiritual bent of mind if we may say so. Almost in every household we see the mothers performing poojas from time to time, following the rituals and also having their unwavering belief in the Almighty. Although there are exceptions in certain cases, but it is how it goes generally to put it precisely. This Mother’s Day, go in for pooja essentials as the perfect gift for your dear mother on a special occasion. Find intricately crafted idols of Gods and Goddesses that are extremely pretty to put it precisely. There are other gifts like Pooja thalis, decorative diyas for the pooja room, beautiful agarbatti stands etc. Add a holy touch to the Mother’s Day celebrations this year as you decide to gift her pooja essentials. We can vouch for the fact that unboxing the surprise to find such unique yet auspicious gifts are sure to give your mother the happy high like never before. So, what are you waiting for? Spoil your mother with gifts that are simply unparalleled.


How about gifting a perfume to your darling mother on Mother’s Day? Well, we get it. There’s a different magic about gifting scents to put it precisely. Explore an array of classy perfumes and take your pick with the one that you feel matches the taste of your mother. Well, it is extremely important that you are well aware of the kind of scents that she likes before making the purchase in this case. While some women might prefer the stronger kind of wild scents, there are others who are fond of sweet scents, certain women spend their entire lives wearing floral scents only. Since perfumes is extremely personal as a choice of gift, therefore keeping in mind the preference of your mother, do the needful as mentioned earlier. The best thing about gifting perfumes is that whenever your mother is going to wear the perfume, it is sure to remind her of the special kind of Mother’s Day surprise that was wrapped in love, warmth and gratitude for the matter. Trust us, she is simply to adore this gift of alluring scents.

Send mother day gifts online

If you want to send gifts overseas to your mother and cannot think of anything at the moment, then visit the many online gift stores where you will find many types of gifts for mother’s day. Some are quite simple yet effective while others are extravagant and speak volumes. Choose the best mother day gifts from among the infinite collection and make your mother happy and delighted.

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