Are you interested to know about the different unique gifts online that you can gift your special someone? Well, go in for chocolates. The intoxicating taste of delicious chocolates that come crafted in a variety of scintillating arrangements can work as great gifting ideas for the beloved. If your special someone is fond of chocolates, then we can vouch for the fact that it is the best way to make him or her feel loved. There’s something about chocolates that not only melt in the mouth, but is known to melt hearts as well. Therefore, here’s a list of 20 choco gift options in 2022 that can charm your beloved like never before:

A Basket of Sweet Treat:

A Basket Of Sweet Treat

It is a basket full of assorted chocolates that contain Dairy Milk Silk chocolates, Cadbury Temptations chocolates in three distinct flavours and it comes neatly arranged in a decorative cane basket. It is a simple yet delightful arrangement of chocolates in a basket.

Chocolate Bouquet Arrangement:

Chocolate Bouquet Arrangement

If you are looking to send chocolates for her online, then here’s the ideal choice. It is this incredible arrangement of 16 pieces of assorted Ferrero Rocher chocolates in a bouquet along with a cute and cuddly teddy bear and is wrapped in a purple and blue paper packing and decorated with a purple and blue ribbon bow.

Jar Full of Cadbury:

Jar Full of Cadbury

Get your hands on this extraordinary square glass jar full of Cadbury chocolates. It contains 20 pieces of chocolates and the look is sealed with a decorative red ribbon which all the more adds to the beauty of the arrangement.

Sweet Kit Kat Bouquet:

Sweet Kit Kat Bouquet

Find this super gorgeous chocolate bouquet that has been crafted with 20 Kit Kat chocolates and it is beautifully done with red rose ribbon petals on the top and also the look is sealed with a scarlet red ribbon.It is indeed this one-of-its-kind bouquet for your beloved.

Relish of Heavenly Treat:

Relish of Heavenly Treat

Set your eyes on this distinctive choice of glass vase arrangements of a variety of chocolates like, Snickers, Mars, Kit Kat, 5 Star, Twix that are crafted in a red and a yellow paper packing in the most manner. It indeed sits as pretty as a picture to put it precisely.

Loveliest Gift Ever:

Loveliest Gift Ever

For celebrating birthdays or anniversaries or any other special occasion, this hamper makes for a great gift for the beloved. It contains a two-tier arrangement crafted with Five Star chocolates and Dairy Milk chocolates that is neatly done with a decorative yellow ribbon bow. It comes combined with a half kg delicious Black Forest cake. With this hamper you can send chocolates and cake online to your beloved.

Wooden Choco Hamper:

Wooden Choco Hamper

It is simply a magical choice of hamper that contains a bar of Bournville chocolate, a bar of Temptation chocolate, a bar of Mars chocolate, one Choco Pie and a small box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates that come neatly arranged in a black wooden tray. It is indeed a classy choice of chocolate hamper that never fails to charm.

Lindt Excellence Myrtille Intense with Lindt Excellence Strawberry:

Lindt Excellence Myrtille Intense With Lindt Excellence Strawberry

Unravel the best of Lindt experience with this stunning combination of flavourful chocolates from the house of Lindt for the matter. If he or she is fond of Lindt chocolates, then we can vouch for the fact that your beloved is sure to adore this hamper.

Ferrero Rocher Gift Box:

Ferrero Rocher Box Gift

Gifting is indeed an art and this lovely hamper all the more substantiates this. Here is a majestic box of 24 Ferrero Rocher chocolates that comes in a blue box and the look is sealed with a decorative yellow ribbon bow for the matter.

Choco Pop:

Choco Pop

Buy chocolates with flowers online as here is a super romantic choice of hamper for you. Set your eyes on this beautiful arrangement of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and scarlet red roses that are arranged in a stunning bouquet. The red and golden combination is simply to die for.

Chocolate Barbie:

Chocolate Barbie

Here is another unique arrangement of chocolates that is simply arresting to say the least. It is a Barbie bouquet that has been crafted with 50 Dairy Milk chocolates. It can be gifted to the girlfriend and the sheer beauty of this arrangement is such that it is sure to make her fall in love with you all over again.

Butter Cookies with Ferrero Rocher Chocolates Hamper:

If your beloved is a foodie who loves his/her share of chocolates and cookies always, then it is the hamper that shall make for the ideal gift for them. It contains a box of Sapphire butter cookies that come combined with a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Choco Hungama:

Choco Hungama

It is the perfect gift for the chocolate addicts as it features a stunning combination for the matter. This contains a big pack of Cadbury Celebrations chocolate along with a big pack of 24 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates to be precise.

An Original Zest:

An Original Zest

Get your hands on this delectable combination of assorted chocolates that includes Dairy Milk Silk, a Choco Pie, 2 bars of Toblerone, a small box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It is a delightful hamper of chocolates that can work as a brilliant mood lifter.

Red Roses and Dairy Milk Arrangement:

Red Roses and Dairy Milk Arrangement

This is a striking arrangement of Dairy Milk chocolates and scarlet red roses that are arranged in a round shape with a beautiful red ribbon. This further comes with ‘’I Love You’’ message which works perfect to make that special someone feel incredibly special.

Apples Basket with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate:

Apples Basket with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

For the beloved who is addicted to chocolates and is also a health freak, here’s the hamper that fits your bill in this case. Send chocolates and fruits online with this one-of-its-kind hamper that offers a decorative basket full of 2 kg fresh and juicy apples and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Bournville with Mixed Dry Fruits Combo:

Bournville With Mixed Dryfruits Combo

Find hampers that combines delicious chocolates along with assorted dry fruits. This can really impress the beloved if he/she has a special fascination for dry fruits for the matter. It offers a rectangular cane basket full of mixed dry fruits that is combined with Cadbury Celebrations box along with 3 bars of chocolates in different flavours.

Choc and Pop Tier Gift Hamper:

Choc and Pop Tier Gift Hamper

This is an incredibly unique arrangement of Dairy Milk chocolates and lollipops that are done in a three tier cake like arrangement. The majestic look is further decorated with a scarlet red ribbon bow. It is a fanciful arrangement of chocolates that is sure to impress at the first sight itself.

Snickers with Two Layer Lucky Bamboo:

Snickers with Two Layer Lucky Bamboo

Now you can avail online chocolate and plant delivery as you choose to send this exclusive hamper to the love of your life. It features a two layered lucky and prosperous Bamboo in a square glass vase along with snickers that are pasted on the vase. It is like gifting some greenery with a chocolatey twist.

An Affectionate Basket:

An Affectionate Basket

Make your sweetheart feel extremely special with this super cute chocolate hamper. This gift contains a hugging teddy bear couple that comes with a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and an artificial rose that comes perfectly arranged in a decorative tray. It is the perfect way to express love to the beloved in an unconventional manner.

So, be it birthdays, anniversaries, or about making up after a fight, choose to do so with assorted range of delicious chocolates. Avail online chocolate delivery to send chocolates to India and surprise your sweetheart in extraordinary style that speaks of love in abundance. Let the magic of chocolate linger on as you celebrate your moments of love and romance amidst the busy schedule of contemporary life.  

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