Few people can declare that they dislike sweets, and regarding the festivities, sweets play a vital role in the celebrations. Diwali has to be the biggest festival in India, and on this occasion, Indians spread cheer among themselves by offering each other sweets. Everyone calls the traditionally made Indian sweets ‘Mithais’, and they play a crucial role in making the festivities memorable. Indians celebrate Diwali or the festival of light by preparing traditional sweets, but in current times the convenient option is to choose a capable online delivery service. Many online gift portals deal in traditional Diwali sweets or mithais, and through browsing a while, you can definitely find your favourites. The age-old tradition dictates that devotees should offer sweets to the gods in any religious ceremony, and even in modern celebrations, the Indian sweets haven’t lost their importance.

Where to shop for Diwali sweets?

Many online gift portals have sprung up in India after the boom of e-commerce. But when choosing Diwali gifts, it is sensible to go for the more reliable and experienced sites. One of the most remarkable gift sites happens to be ‘OyeGifts‘, and they organize their thousands of gifts according to occasion amongst other segregations. Their Diwali gift collection is truly unique and beautiful, and on top of that, they guarantee a speedy delivery to any city within India. That factor makes it an easy choice when considering the order of delicacies like Diwali sweets or cakes. The site is aware of the rich culture and diversity of the country and thus offers many varieties of sweets.

What types of Diwali Sweets are appropriate for the occasion?

Gulab Jamun with Diwali hampers

Gulab jamun is one of the most popular Indian desserts, and in times of Diwali celebration, there is no better treat than a box of gulab jamuns. Indeed, many Indians would confirm that gulab jamun tops their favourite list of sweets. But very few people know that their favourite dessert has its origins in Persia. These small sweets that are fried in sugar syrup are truly a treat. Not only in Diwali, but this traditional delicacy is the centre of attraction in other festivals too.

To make a good Diwali gift, you can pair gulab jamuns with other traditional gifts like dry fruits or Ganesha idols.

Diwali sweets thali with motichoor laddoos

Another famous festive sweet is the motichoor laddoo. Even the word motichoor has majestic connotations, as it means ‘crushed pearls’. This sweet is a common choice of prasad for Indian pujas. Similar to gulab jamuns, these laddoos are also fried in sugar syrup. Motichoor laddoos also have a long history, and the common lore is that these laddoos used to serve a medicinal purpose before they became one of the most favourite sweets for Indians. From young kids to elders, everyone loves the generous helping of motichoor laddoos.

Besan laddoos with decorative packaging

Indian cuisine has no dearth of sweet desserts, and besan laddoos are another crowd favourite. People make these laddoos from gluten-free gram flour, ghee and sugar. We can also store these delicacies for a long time, and they are very popular for festivals or family functions. As the primary ingredient in this sweet is besan, which some say adds protein and fibre, people consider it a healthier alternative. Besan laddoos are also great for satiation, so they can satisfy people’s sweet cravings without piling on calories. In many online gift portals, Diwali sweets come with beautiful packaging. Decorative items like diyas are often included in sweet boxes.

Kaju Tea light set

Kaju Katlis are the highlight of every Diwali celebration, and no one can deny that they love this sweet. While many prepare this delicacy at home; it is much easier to order them from a trustworthy online store. It is a custom for families to gather and enjoy various Indian sweets, and Kaju katlis cannot be an exception. Made with delicious healthy kajus, they help in reducing cholesterol. Thus, even the health-conscious can gorge on this delicious treat.

You can combine the delicious box of Kaju Katlis with tea lights and gift them to your loved ones on Diwali.

Milk cakes

Milk cakes, or as they are more popularly known, kalakand is another crowd favourite. Diwali is not only about wearing new dresses and lighting firecrackers, it is also about gorging on mouth-watering delicacies. Sweets are closely associated with Diwali, and many buy milk cakes in bulk for this occasion. With the pandemic, Diwali might be a quitter celebration this year, but that won’t stop us from ordering and enjoying wonderful mithais at home!

Mix sweets for Diwali

Everyone has that one sweet they love the most. But for Diwali gifts; it is a better idea to go for an assortment of traditional Indian sweets. There are many good packs of sweets available online for customers for Diwali, and Oyegifts is no exception.

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