Let this Diwali be a celebration of special bonds in life as you brighten up the lives of your parents and elders. OyeGifts houses a scintillating choice of Diwali Gifts for Parents as well as elders that can fit your bill perfectly in the endeavour to add to the festive spirit with gifts that never fail to impress for the matter.

Here are the 30+ unique Diwali gifts for parents and elders in 2022 enlisted as under:

Diwali Sweets Thali – Motichur Laddu with Thali:

Diwali Sweets Thali - Motichur Laddu with Thali

Gift this simple yet heart-rendering choice of special Diwali gift that contains 500 grams of Motichoor Laddoos in a decorative thali and comes combined with 5 pieces of Diwali diyas.

Rasgulla N Kit Kat Chocolates:


If your parents or elders are fond of sweets, then charm them with this exciting hamper containing a pack of Rasgulla that is combined with 2 Kit Kat chocolates.

Taste Of Divinity:

Taste Of Divinity

Find this exceptional hamper among the other Diwali gifts that are simple yet extremely charming to say the least. It includes half kg Doda Barfi that comes combined with 6 decorative Diwali diyas to be precise.

Kaju Tea Light Set:

Kaju Tea Light Set

This is another special hamper that can be gifted to parents and elders. It contains half kg delicious Kaju Katli sweets and a designer Diwali diya. There’s a certain festive feel about this amazing hamper that is absolutely magical.

Festival of Light:

Festival of Light

 Get your hands on this hamper that is here to offer you 2 bars of Cadbury Silk chocolates, 100 grams of Almonds and two designer diyas for Diwali. Usher in the ‘festival of lights’ with the ‘festival of light’ hamper.

Heartfelt Gratitude:

Heartfelt Gratitude

Express heartfelt gratitude with to your parents and elders with this hamper that indeed bears testimony to its name. It is a simple choice of hamper that contains a pack of half kg Kaju katli sweets that comes coupled with two designer diyas for Diwali.

Diwali Temptations:

Diwali Temptations

 Find this great combination of 250 grams of Kaju Barfi that is coupled with 3 bars of Temptations chocolate along with 5 handcrafted diyas. So, if you are looking to Buy Diwali Chocolates Online, then this combination hamper can be a good choice to say the least.

Festive Greetings:

Festive Greetings

 Under the best Diwali gifts for parents and elders online, you can find this charming hamper that contains 1 kg Gulab Jamun sweets that is coupled with a beautiful 3 inches idol of Lord Ganesha. This perfectly matches with the spiritual bend of mind of the elders and they are sure to be impressed with the idol of the lord.

Dairy Milk and Kaju Hamper:

Dairy Milk and Kaju Hamper

 It is another special Diwali hamper that contains 3 bars of Dairy Milk chocolates that come in distinctive flavours, 100 grams of Kaju and 5 earthen diyas to put it precisely.

Yummy Sweets with Luck:

Yummy Sweets With Luck

 Find this amazing hamper that includes 1 kg delicious Gulab Jamun that is coupled with 400 grams of assorted dry fruits, 2 bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk chocolates along with 4 Diwali diyas.

Diwali Sweetness Overloaded:

 It is indeed a hamper full of sweetness that can make for a classic gift for your parents and also elders. It contains a two-tier chocolate arrangement crafted with Dairy Milk chocolates and 5 Stars chocolates that comes combined with a delectable Black Forest cake and 4 Diwali diyas for the matter.

Pack of Smart Munch:

Pack Of Smart Munch

This is simply a hamper that one might search for gifting parents or elders for Deepawali. This hamper contains a tray of mixed dry fruits including, cashews, raisins, almonds, pistachios and comes combined with 3 Diwali diyas and a greeting card.

Lucky Bamboo with Rasgulla:

Lucky Bamboo With Rasgulla

Let this Diwali gift be a little different as you choose to Send Diwali Plants Online to your parents and the elders. This combination hamper consists of a two layer lucky and prosperous Bamboo in a glass vase and a pack of 1 kg delicious Rasgulla for the matter.

Dry Fruits N Lucky Bamboo Combo:

Dry Fruits N Lucky Bamboo Combo

This incredible combination hamper is here to offer a two layer lucky and prosperous Bamboo in a decorative glass vase that comes combined with 100 grams pack of almonds and a 100 grams pack of cashews that are packed with an ornamental red ribbon to seal the look perfectly.

White Choco Diwali Hamper:

White Choco Diwali Hamper

This is another exclusive hamper that contains a flavourful white forest cake, 3 bars of Bournville chocolates, a box of 24 pieces Ferrero Rocher chocolates that come combined with 5 hand painted Diwali diyas to be precise.

Divine Wishes:

Divine Wishes

This hamper is here to offer a delicious black forest cake that comes combined with lucky and prosperous Bamboo plant in a jar and a big box of Cadbury Celebrations chocolate in a colourful packing for the matter.

Sweet N Healthy Diwali Delight:

Sweet N Healthy Diwali Delight

 Surprise your parents and the elders who matter this Diwali that is here to offer 2 packs of Lipton Green Tea containing 10 pouches in each, 2 bars of Daily Milk Silk chocolates and a box of 16 pieces Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Treat your elders to some refreshing cups of green tea this Deepawali.

Joy of Almonds with Chocolates:

Joy of Almonds with Chocolates

For all the dear elders whom you are lucky to have, here’s an incredible hamper. Shower then with this Diwali hamper that they are sure to love and adore. It contains 500 grams of Soan Papdi, 100 grams of Almonds and 2 Silk chocolates for the matter.

Crispy Sweet Packs:

Crispy Sweet Packs

 Find this hamper full of sweets and munchies for your parents and beloved elders this Diwali. This hamper contains a pack of 500 grams Soan Papdi, 200 grams of mixed dry fruits and Haldiram’s Khatta Mitha pack of namkeen.

Sweet Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Bouquet:

Sweet Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Sending Diwali gifts to your elders in India couldn’t get more creative. Find this assorted bouquet of chocolates that is crafted with delicious Fererro Rocher to put it precisely and it sits as pretty as a picture to put it precisely.

Shubh Deepawali Gift Hamper:

Shubh Deepawali Gift Hamper

Bearing testimony to its name, this exclusive hamper full of Diwali goodies contains 100 grams cashews and 100 grams of almonds in an ethnic potli bag that comes coupled with a decorative diya and a greeting card for the season.

Motichoor Laddoo N Ferrero Rocher:

Motichoor Laddoo N Ferrero Rocher

 Here’s the complete hamper of Diwali sweets and chocolates for spreading sweetness in the life of those that matter in India. This hamper contains 250 grams of Motichoor laddoos and a pack of 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Even if you are away from home, don’t forget to spoil them with this one-of-its-kind hamper.

Love Never Ends:

Love Never Ends

Celebrate love and celebrate your bond with your parents and elders in the most extraordinary manner with this unique hamper that contains a beautiful bunch of scarlet red roses that are neatly done in a paper packing, half kg Kaju Kaatli sweets and a pack of half kg assorted dry fruits.

Healthy Basket:

Healthy Basket

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without dry fruits and here’s the perfect one for you to Buy Diwali Dry Fruits Online. It is a decorative cane basket that comes packed with 200 grams of Almonds, 200 grams Cashew nuts, 200 grams raisins and 200 grams Pistachios for the matter. These are packed in small plastic packing and a beautiful red ribbon that adds to its look all the more.

Sehath Ki Mithi Potli:

Sehath Ki Mithi Potli

Here’s an all-in-one hamper for the festival of lights that includes items like, half kg besan barfi along with 150 grams mixed dry fruits in a decorative potli and a set of 2 traditional diyas for the matter.

Perfect Elegance:

Perfect Elegance

 Send Diwali Flowers along with assorted dry fruits with this exclusive hamper. This enigmatic choice of gift hamper is here to offer a bunch of exotic orchids done in a perfect bunch in a pink cellophane wrap and a pink ribbon bow. It comes combined with a basket full of assorted dry fruits.

Thrill In Diwali:

Thrill In Diwali

If you are looking for unique Diwali gifts 2022, then this makes for a delightful hamper for the matter. It contains a tray of mixed dry fruits that comes combined with a pack of soan papdi and two decorative Diwali diyas to be precise.

Logo of Love:

Logo of Love

Here is another stunning hamper among the vast range of Diwali gifts that contains a beautiful bunch of 6 Asiatic lilies that is combined with a decorative tray of 500 grams mixed dry fruits and a basket full of 2kg fresh fruits. This gives a sweet and fruity twist to the festivities to put it precisely.

Heart Full of Joy:

Heart Full of Joy

 As the name suggests, this hamper is indeed a heart full of joy for the matter. It contains a small pack of two layers of lucky and prosperous Bamboo plant with a bow, 500 grams pack of mixed dry fruits and half kg Kaju Katli.

Gourmet Fun Unlimited Surprise:

Gourmet Fun Unlimited Surprise

 For the foodies, here’s an incredible hamper full of savoury Diwali delights. It contains half kg Motichoor Laddoo, half kg assorted dry fruits, 1 kg Haldirams Gulab Jamun, 1 kg Haldirams Rasgulla, 200 grams Haldirams Aloo Bhujia, 150 grams of Haldirams Navratan Namkeen, 200 grams Khatta Meetha.

Heritage Diwali Dry Fruits Box:

Heritage Diwali Dry Fruits Box

To the beloved parents and the dear elders, gift this pretty box of dry fruits that includes Pista, Almond, Kaju, Raisin 100 grams each that come in separate plastic jars. The box is simply a work of art and this designer choice of gift is sure to impress at the first sight itself.

This Diwali don’t forget to make your parents and your elders feel special with exclusive gifts that have been crafted for the occasion. Go in for Diwali Gifts Online Delivery to surprise your parents and elders with hampers that help spread happiness, remembrance and an abundance of love this Diwali!

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