We have come a long way in this year with the pandemic being there and we braving the past months of lockdown, of using sanitizers every now and then, of life getting a new mode altogether. Here’s to the times of welcoming the ‘’new normal’’ and getting used to it with every passing day. Now, Diwali is just around the corner and if you have been worried about how to go about with the celebrations this year, then we have some great ideas to help you celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly manner. Take a break from the normal celebrations as the times calls for celebrating Diwali in a different way this year and with restrictions being levied on gatherings, it can really be a stunning festival if you celebrate it differently this year. Trust us, these ideas for an eco-friendly Diwali is sure to give you that happy high and also the Instagram worthy pictures are sure to grab a lot of attention for the unique celebration of the festival of lights. Let this year be different, as Diwali has now become symbolic of the noise of firecrackers, pollution and a lot of noise to put it precisely. Decide to spend the festival of lights in an extraordinary manner as you choose to go eco-friendly. Wondering about how to do so?

Well, here are some of the unique ideas including Diwali Gifts ideas that are to help you celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali:

Go For Earthen Pieces

This year, let it be an eco-friendly drive and in the endeavour, choose to celebrate the festival with earthen pieces. Now, there are a plenty of synthetic and artificial lamps and diyas that are readily available in the present, choose to go in for earthen diyas that never goes out of fashion. The traditional touch of earthen lamps and diyas has a different level of festive charm to put it precisely. Decorate the house with earthen diyas and lamps and trust us, these pieces add to the celebratory feel in an environment friendly manner. Find earthen diyas in a variety of designs and colours and you can always take your pick with the ones that best fits your choice.

Say No To Artificial Colours

Rangolis are an important part of Diwali. Every year we go about shopping for rangoli colours which happen to be artificial ones. These synthetic colours are extremely glossy and attractive to say the least. But, this year choose to create rangolis ditching the artificial colours. You can use natural substitutes like, legumes, rice powder, turmeric, red Kumkum etc. to create a rangoli that is done with all things natural. This can work as a great idea while setting you apart from the rest.

Ditch Wrapping Papers

For sending Diwali Gifts to your loved ones, you can ditch the wrapping paper and choose to wrap it with environment friendly alternatives. Eager to know more? Well, get creative with other gift wrapping alternatives like, newspaper, banana leaf, and you can join different leaves of different colours and sizes to create something absolutely unique this Diwali. Imagine how surprised will your friends and family be when they get gifts wrapped in such masterpieces and sealed with your touch.

Goodbye Firecrackers

Yes, it is important that at least for this year with covid-19 being there and innumerable lives being affected, that we bid goodbye to firecrackers. Not only do the firecrackers lead to noise pollution, but even these pollute the air while making it extremely difficult to breathe for many. Let us wow to spend Diwali in an eco-friendly way with no use of firecrackers while letting the world heal in the process.

Decorate The Doorway With Flowers

This Diwali, decide to decorate the doorway with garlands and flowers which shall add to the festivities in a special way. Instead of buying a toran, use garlands and flowers to make a toran for the doorway which shall not only be a creative choice, but it shall be an altogether different kind of Diwali decoration this year which is absolutely unique. The colourful flower and garland decoration shall really sit as pretty as a picture on the doorway.

Homemade Sweets

How about ushering the celebratory spirit of Diwali with homemade sweets this year? It is such a great feeling to offer the Gods homemade sweets and also serve your guests the same. Start checking out the easy and quick recipes on YouTube and get your stuff ready while you gear up to make absolutely delicious sweet treats at home.

Handmade Gifts

Let this year be a little different as you choose to send or gift handmade hampers to your friends and family for Diwali. If you have a work from home schedule now and if you can manage some time, then don’t miss out creating unique Diwali Gifts out of recycled materials for your loved ones. You can definitely take some creative ideas from the internet and trust us, your dear ones are going to be absolutely taken aback by this exceptional gesture and not to forget, they are sure to treasure these handmade unique gifts for the rest of their lives.

Soak in the festive spirit in an eco-friendly manner with these unique ideas!

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