Mother’s Day is near, and we all are gearing up to surprise our beloved mothers on this special day. There are many ways to make your mom feel special at home as well as outside the home. You could help your mom in the kitchen or you could help her in doing daily chores at home. Like this, there are several other methods to make this day even more special to her and gifting is just one of them.

Place of a mother-in-law is no less than the place of our own mother in our life. So, make them know that how much you love them by gifting some exciting presents that they will embrace it forever. There are so many things in the market which are suitable to give as Mother’s Day gifts to your mom. You could gift your mother some useful things which would help her in her daily chores at home.

Before selecting a perfect gift for your mother-in-law, some points have to be kept in mind like the usefulness of that gift and also the durability. Gifts should be useful for the one whom we are giving. Also, it should be long-lasting, so that they could preserve our presents for long time. But you do not need to panic as we have brought to you a complete list of exciting gifts which you could gift to your mother-in-law on this Mother’s Day.

1) Beautiful Traditional Saree

You must have heard this sentence about India, ‘Unity in diversity’. This is because, many different communities reside in India with peace and harmony. Every community has its own culture and basic values. And of course, they also have their own traditions which may include any traditional attire or any traditional jewelry. You can also gift your mother-in-law a very beautiful traditional saree which they could wear at any special occasion anywhere. If your mother-in-law is a Maharashtrian, she will love wearing a nice paithani saree at a special occasion. And if she is a Gujrati, you could gift a nice Bandhani or Chanderi or Maheshwari saree to her. This will surely make her day even more special as this is one of the unique Mother’s Day gifts which they will surely adore.

2) Sweet box

Nothing could be much sweeter than this. A sweet box could melt anyone’s heart in a little time. A box full of a variety of sweets could definitely do magic for the special occasion. You could fill a box with the favorite mouth-watering sweets of your mother-in-law. You could make a sweet box by putting different delicious sweets and wrap the box with a nice gifting wrap. If she has a sweet tooth, then she will totally enjoy this amazing edible gift.

3) Flower Bouquet

Flowers have the ability to bring smile to any one who will receive them as a gift. Even a single red rose could do a lot of magic that you have never imagined before. Imagine gifting a huge flower bouquet to your mother-in-law! That is something that she will absolutely love. You could gift her a huge bunch of red roses or a huge bunch of pink, or yellow roses. Not just roses, but you could also try gifting lilies, orchids, or any other beautiful flower that your mother-in-law likes. If you find it boring to gift her same bunch of flowers then you could gift her different flowers packed in a same bunch. Like with red roses, you could add pink roses or yellow roses. Also, you could make a bunch using lilies, roses, and orchids. This will definitely bring a million-dollar smile to the beautiful face of your mother-in-law this Mother’s Day.

4) Wrist watch

If you want special gifts for mom, then you could definitely try gifting a beautiful wrist watch to her. This is something which is durable and could be wore regularly on any outfit. a classic wrist watch could become a perfect gift for your mother-in-law if you select wisely and carefully. Send your mother-in-law a special wrist watch on this Mother’s Day and see her reaction after receiving it. They will definitely keep it forever with them.

5) Handbag and purse

If your mother-in-law is a working woman or not, it doesn’t matter. But keeping a nice handbag in your collection has become necessary for everyone today. When you have to carry many things with you, then a perfect handbag comes for your rescue. While selecting a handbag, always remember that the size of the handbag should not be bigger nor smaller. It should be of medium size, so that she could carry it anywhere.

6) Jewelry

If you are looking for some unique Mother’s Day gifts, then this could be one. Your mother-in-law would definitely love this gift and will always remember you whenever she sees it. You could gift her a nice pair of earrings which she could wear daily. Or you could gift her a pair of heavy jhumkas for the special occasion. You have a wide choice for selecting jewelry as there are varieties of jewelries which ladies could wear. Besides jhumkas, you could gift her a small pendent or you could gift her a ring. These are the things which your mother-in-law could wear daily and would remember you daily.

7) Personalized Mug

Every adult now-a-days have a habit of drinking a nice beverage every morning after waking up. This could be tea or coffee or anything. So, if you are looking for gifts for mother-in-law, this could be something which you could gift to her on this Mother’s Day. Also, you could print a personalized message on the mug which could be anything. Like you could print a message which has ‘Happy Mother’s Day my Beautiful Mom’, written on it.

8) Photo Cake

Black Forest Photo Cake For Mother

What about gifting your mother-in-law a photo cake that arrives at their doorstep as a neatly wrapped surprise? Well, make the most of this Mother’s Day as you gift her a delicious cake that has been baked with the best quality ingredients and lots of love. The wonderful part of cakes like these is that you can get the best picture of your mother-in-law or a picture that perfectly captures your bond in an effort to celebrate this Mother’s Day. Gift her this savory delight and add even more to the celebration.

9) Make Up And Cosmetics


Do you have an uber cool Mother-in-law who is fond of her make up essentials? Well, then this works as the best way to pamper her on this special day. Find a variety of hampers that offer make up and cosmetics for the matter. Make sure that you go in for her preferred choice of make up brand while you take your pick with the best of the lot to put it precisely. This is exactly what adds to the gift all the more when she unwraps the perfect make up and cosmetics hamper that features products from her most loved brand.

10) Organic Beauty Hampers

In the contemporary times, women are going in for organic range of products. If you happen to have a Mother-in-law who is fond of organic beauty products, then your search ends right here with this perfect gifting idea for her. The organic beauty hampers come as a grand choice of gift that features shampoos, moisturizers, face washes, body washes, conditioners etc. Decorated with a beautiful ribbon bow and sealed with love, this one-of-its-kind gift hamper is sure to steal her heart right away when it arrives right at her doorstep this Mother’s Day.

11) Designer Stoles

Stoles are the most popular gift in the present and come in a riot of colours and a variety of designs to put it precisely. The best part of such stoles is that one can wear them with both eastern wears along with western wear to give it a fusion twist to their looks. While selecting the stole for your Mother-in-law, you can go in for a black one that perfectly goes with all shades of the garment, or you can choose the stole in the shade that matches the colour preference of your darling Mother-in-law. Trust us, whenever she is going to wear the stole, it is to remind her of this wonderful Mother’s Day surprise that she is going to treasure forever.

12) Basket Full Of Fresh Fruits

Surprised to see this? Well, it doesn’t take anything grand to make your Mother-in-law feel special. Sending her a basket full of fresh fruits can work as an ideal gift for her. This shall not only make for a unique choice of gift hamper, but it shall remind her as well that how much you care for her. These baskets are decorative cane ones that is arranged with fresh fruits of different types and it undoubtedly makes for a majestic choice with that decorative ribbon that seals the look perfectly. So, don’t forget to celebrate this Mother’s Day with the perfect ‘’fruity’’ twist!

Every mother has a right to feel special not only on Mother’s Day, but also every day. And if you have your mother in your life, count yourself lucky and make your mother-in-law feel extremely special by giving her wonderful gifts on this special day

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