Erotic pineapple cake 1 kg

Erotic pineapple cake 1 kg
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Treat your loved ones to some mouth-watering pineapple cake as you take a break from the conventional cakes like chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry etc. The sweetness of cream and the tangy taste of fresh pineapple makes it a delightful cake that is sure to melt in the mouth while giving you the heavenly taste of creamy pineapple. Be it the birthday of a dear relative, or anniversary of a beloved friend or a congratulatory party for your colleague’s promotion, send cakes online to your dear and near ones as you surprise them with this mouth-watering cake. ‘Erotic pineapple cake 1 kg’ is this yummy pineapple cake that has the right mix of sweetness and tanginess and being oven fresh it gets your loved ones an altogether delicious cake which is sure to make their hearts crave for more. Surprise your dear friends and family with this savoury delight that makes for a complete treat.

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