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Sell Your Products on and Become a Oye Seller

Oyegifts Market Place makes it simple to list and sell your products on Currently, Oyegifts is accepting registration for business sellers on our Market Place.
At this time we are not open to casual or consumer sellers.

Seller Charges

Presently listing your items on Oyegifts is completely free of cost. Sellers only need to pay transaction service charges as and when the products are sold. There are absolutely no other hidden charges.

Product Pricing

The sellers listing their products in Oyegifts Market Place are required to maintain the same competitive price range for all their respective products listed/sold anywhere else. Discounts, rebates or other promotional price offerings must also be available on Oyegifts Market Place by the Oyegifts sellers.

Returns Policy

Return Accepted: Oyegifts Market Place requires its sellers to mention the number of days for Returns Accepted for all items where the seller is able to handle the return process.

Refund or Exchange:

The Oyegifts Market Place Seller is required to Refund or Exchange the item to the buyer for the following reasons:

1. If the buyer has received a faulty or damaged item.
2. If the buyer has received a wrong item than what is ordered.
3. If the buyer demands a refund for items reaching him beyond the mentioned shipping time.

After the buyer has returned the faulty or damaged item, the Oyegifts seller has to make sure that the refund or exchange is done within 7 working days and bearing the shipping charge.

Order Confirmation

Sellers are required to confirm shipment once they have shipped an order to a buyer. All orders must be marked as shipped within the mentioned processing time. Sellers do this from within their seller account (inside their My Account) by inputting the Shipped Quantity, Ship Date, "Tracking Number", and using the drop-down menu to select the shipping company (ie; DTDC, Blue Dart, Aramex, etc.). Tracking information is required for all orders.

If a seller doesn't confirm that they have shipped an item within the mentioned days, the order will be considered cancelled and no transaction service charges will be paid. We ask that sellers who are unable to fulfil their orders contact buyers regarding the cancellation of an order for better customer satisfaction.

Sellers on Oyegifts Market Place cannot exceed a 5% cancellation rate. Sellers account will be closed if they do exceed this rate.

Shipping Options

Sellers at Oyegifts Market Place are required to ship all products via a standard shipping method with a satisfactory level of service. Shipments sent via standard shipping are expected to arrive in the buyer's hands within 4-14 business days from the date of purchase.


Sellers must ship all orders in packaging that is secure enough to minimize the chance of damage during shipping. As much as is possible, the sellers are required to maintain a level of quality in packing the item in a presentable manner. Both the shipping address and the return address must be printed clearly on every package. Every package must also include the packing slip, which Oyegifts includes in each order notification email. The seller is NOT required to mention any marketing material (brochures, sellers website, email ID, etc.) in relation to the sellers business activities.

The sellers will not be paid for orders shipped until their orders are confirmed as shipped and received by the customer. Oyegifts will confirm delivery by using tracking information provided by the sellers and also by confirming with the customer on random basis. If tracking does not show clear delivery, payments will be placed on hold. The seller is required to ensure that the item is delivered to the customer in a good shape and the tracking is duly updated. If, in rare cases, the delivery is not confirmed, Oyegifts will release the payment automatically in 3 weeks.

The sellers are required to bear in mind that they will receive only the payment amount after the deducting the Oyegifts transaction service charges.

All sellers in Oyegifts Market Place are required to have a valid bank account that will accept payments. All orders marked as shipped and/or refunds made against orders during the pay period will be included in this payment.

Buyer Satisfaction Oyegifts is committed to provide buyers with the highest level of service and we protect that commitment with the Oyegifts Buyer Protection, which ensures that our buyers receive their orders as promised. Sellers may be required to submit proof of shipment if a buyer makes a Guarantee claim against a seller.

Seller Feedback

Our Market Place website posts feedback from our buyers regarding their experiences with our sellers. In case of profanity in the feedback, Oyegifts will edit the content. To maintain quality of service, we do not remove buyer feedback simply because it reflects negatively on your seller review score. The sellers are required to work and resolve any issues with your buyers. Any seller that provides feedback for their own account will be closed.

Marketing and Communications with Buyers

Oyegifts Market Place automatically sends emails to buyers to confirm orders, shipment and cancellation/refunds as well as request buyer feedback. In an effort to keep all communication with Oyegifts customers consistent, we require that all sellers remove their order confirmation, shipment confirmation, and feedback follow up emails. Oyegifts Market Place will send these emails to customers in all cases. This is a requirement to remain active selling with us.

As stated Oyegifts Market Place will send all shipping emails, but sellers may work directly with buyers to resolve any issues. Please review all direct emails you send to buyers and ensure that there are no links to your website or requests to visit your website in your customer service communication.

Dispute Resolution The seller is required to follow the Oyegifts Market Place Rules and Policies. Oyegifts reserves the right to change the Rules and Policies over a period of time or as and when required.

When a Warranty Claim or chargeback is submitted by a buyer, the seller will be contacted by Oyegifts for any relevant information regarding the warranty claim. The seller has two business days to respond to the claim with requested information. If a seller does not respond, their account will be debited for the claim. When appropriate, Oyegifts will review all relevant details associated with a Warranty claim or Chargeback for both the seller and buyer involved in the claim.

What Oyegifts expects from you as a seller?

• Good tamper proof packaging and documentation marking the package as COD prominently
• Seller should clearly communicate and complete all necessary documentation with the Courier Company to facilitate the COD order.
Oyegifts will not be responsible if the courier company fails to collect money from the customer due to improper documentation with the courier company.
• Please note the destination address should be the customers address
• Sellers should ensure to fix time for pick up within 48 hours of placing the order
• Co-operation with the Courier Company representative
• Follow up with Courier Company using tracking functions to confirm delivery

Am I Eligible to become seller at

Yes, if you have a retail outlet and selling with active inventory

How do I register myself as a seller on

In order to register, please fill a simple registration form above. We will respond to you after reviewing your information at the earliest.

What are the charges of Sell on Oyegifts program?

Free listings

You don't pay anything to list your products on Oyegifts. You will also get a free store page when you sign up.

Success fee

If your product is sold on Oyegifts, a commission will be charged on each order. The commission rate will depend on the product category.

Click on the link to know the detailed Commission Structure:

Are there any hidden Charges?

Our commissions include all applicable payment gateway and escrow fees.
In addition to the mentioned Commission%, Service Tax of 12.36% will be applied on the commission charged.

Who can sell on

To sell on you should be able to meet following criteria:
You should be authorised to sell in India
You can only sell new & genuine products through
You can be any of the following: Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Retailer
There are few exceptions to the rule for which you may contact us.

What products can I sell on

You can sell items in the following categories: Baby Products, Beauty, Books, Consumer Electronics (including Cameras and Video Games - Consoles), Digital Accessories (including Mobile Accessories, Electronics Accessories and PC Accessories), Home, Jewellery, Kitchen, Luggage, Mobile Phones, Movies, Music, Personal Care Appliances, Personal Computers, Tablets, Toys, Video games (consoles and games), Watches, Furniture & Home Furnishings, Stationaries, Men & Women Clothing, Men & Women Accessories (Footwear, Bags, Sunglasses, Perfumes), Health & Sport Accessories (Nutritions, Medicines, Exerciser, Treadmills, Cricket Bat etc), Automotive.

Further detailed categories can be seen on our home page. More categories are coming soon. Please Contact Us to know more.

I don't have a website, can I still sell on

You don't need a website to start selling on All you would have to do is list your products on Oyegifts and start selling.

How do I list my products on

Once the registration process is complete our team will work closely with you to create your online catalogue. You will also be given access to online panels through which you can easily manage your listings.

How many products can I sell at


How does selling on work?

Selling on is very easy. First you list the products that you want to sell on marketplace. Customer sees your product and makes a purchase. You will receive an email to ship the product. You deliver the product to the customer and confirm shipment. Oyegifts will deposit the funds into your bank account (as per the payment term) after deducting its fees.

Can I sell outside India through

No. At this time, allows shipments only within India.

If I list my products on, will the customer know that he or she is purchasing from me on

We will clearly indicate on our product detail pages and offer listing pages that the product is sold by you and the invoice will carry your name.

What documents are required for processing of my registration at Oyegifts as a Seller?

You are required to submit Cancelled Cheque copy, Address Proof and a Pan Card Copy and MOU to activate your Sellers payout at

When will I receive my money after my products get sold?

The payout for all the orders that gets delivered to customers will be credited in your account within next 7-14 working days( from the date of delivery of the order)

How will I get an order?

Once a buyer places an order, seller will get the notification on registered email id and the same order will be updated in Seller Panel under Order Summary. Seller can process the order from their panel only.

Is there any timeline to serve the order?

Yes, it depends on the TAT for the product that is ordered for.

What is same day dispatch/delivery?

If you have registered under same day dispatch/delivery option, you have to fulfill the orders basis timeline. Any order placed before 11:00 am need to be picked up and dispatched same day. Any order placed by buyer after 11:00 a.m needs to be delivered by next day positively.

Will Oyegifts provide me packaging material?

  it's a mandatory to use Oyegifts Packaging

How will I get Packaging material?

Seller can buy it from Oyegifts Website .The option is available in Seller Panel under Manage My orders.

Do I have to pay for Packaging material?


Will I be charged for Oyegifts Logistic Services?

It is included in the commission part. No separate charges levied for using Oyegifts Logistics services.

What if orders are not dispatched within the given TAT?

Orders will be cancelled and you will charged with the commission

PLEASE NOTE : Oyegifts Market Place will suspend its sellers who exceed a refund rate of 5%.

Oyegifts Market Place Sellers found to withhold refunds due to negative feedback or the sellers that charge buyers additionally because they have left negative feedback will be suspended and removed.

Primary Category
Sub-Categories Commission (in %)
Flowers,Cake,Chocolate,Softtoys etc...
Camera & Photography
Digital Cameras, DSLRs, Other Cameras
Binoculars & Telescopes
Photo Frames
Surveillance Cameras & Spotting Scopes Accessories
Camera Accessories, Filters & Lenses
Computers & IT
Internal Hard Drives & SSD
Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks, Monitors & External Hard disks
Printer & Scanners
Softwares & Computer Components
Pen drives, Memory Cards, Network Components & Cartridges
Computers & IT Accessories
TVs & Projectors
Video Players & Gaming
Home Theaters, Speakers, Woofers, eBook Readers & Accessories
Portable Electronics
Office Electronics, Security & Surveillance Electronics
Consumer Electronics Accessories & Supplies
Refrigerators, Air Conditioners & Accessories, Barbecue & Grillers
Washing Machines & Dryers
Other Appliances
Mobiles & Tablets
Mobile Phones, Tablets & Phablets (Brand: Lava)
Mobile Phones, Tablets & Phablets (Brands: Maxx, Videocon, Xolo, iBall & Intex)
Mobile Phones, Tablets & Phablets (Brands: Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Micromax, Sony, LG & Other Brands)
Landline Phones
Mobile & Tablet Accessories
Toys & Games, Baby & Kids
Pet Shop
Clothing & Accessories, Footwear, Gifts, Beauty, Bags & Luggage, Sports & Fitness, Health & Personal Care
Home Decor & Kitchen
Media & Books
Music & Movie CDs
All Sub-Categories
(sub-category may differ)
Sports & Outdoor
All Other Categories
Musical Instruments
All Other Categories
All Other
All Other Categories