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Valentine Gifts Online

Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for Him and Her

Valentine's Day, the 14th February, is the day we celebrate our feelings of affection loved ones with a special romantic Valentines Day gift. Look no further than OyeGifts for a Valentine's Day Gift for Him or Her! Take a look at our Personalised Valentines Day Gifts for a cheap valentine gift with their name on, or alternatively browse all of our Valentine's Day gifts listed below to find the perfect present.

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Lesser Known Facts About The Origin Of Valentine’s Day

Love is definitely in the air with Valentine’s Day being almost here. By far the tradition, lovers in the United States, United Kingdom and in countries all over the globe, exchange gifts, candies, flowers, while they express their love to each other. In accordance to the traditions, this day is celebrated as the feast of St. Valentine. But who is this St. Valentine? Let us take a quick look as to the origin of this day, as per the historical records.

There is a mystery that still exists about the origin of this particular day and its patron saint, for Christianity identifies three priests named St. Valentine. The constant thing is that throughout the ages, February has been celebrated as the month of love and romance that includes vestiges of both Christianity and ancient Roman traditions.

One legend goes as per records that during the third century in Rome, there lived a priest named Valentine. When Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men, based on his decision that single men made better soldiers and thus served the country better in comparison, to those soldiers with wives and families, Valentine had resisted Claudius’s views for the injustices that this decree held and as a result, he did continue to bind young lovers in matrimony in secrecy. But when Claudius had come to know about Valentine’s deeds, he was immediately put to death.

Another story that is commonly believed as for its contribution to the origin of Valentine’s Day, goes like this that Valentine had supposedly helped Christians escape harsh Roman prisons, as they were inhumanely tortured and thus, was killed in the endeavour.

One legend reads that a Valentine who was imprisoned, had himself sent the first so called ‘Valentine’ greeting, when he had fallen in love with a young girl, who supposedly was the jailer's daughter. It is believed that before his death, he wrote a letter to her signed "From your Valentine," and it is still in use, as we know.

It was during the middle ages that France and England commonly held onto the view that February 14th marked the beginning of the mating season, as far as, the birds were concerned which somewhere again contributed to the observation of february 14th as the day of romance.

All these legends, common beliefs and stories all somewhere have the common factor of love and romance, which has ultimately led to the celebration of Valentine’s Day between lovers all around the world.

Valentine’s Day celebration is almost like a festival of love that begins with Rose Day on the 7th. This week long celebrations calls for different gifts, in accordance to the days of the week long celebrations. On the 8th falls 'Propose Day', followed by 'Chocolate Day' on the 9th. 10th of February is observed as the 'Teddy Day' which is again followed by 'Promise Day' on the 11th. 'Hug Day' is celebrated on the 12th and 'Kiss Day' is observed on the 13th, which is followed by 'Valentine's Day' on the 14th of February.

The season of love and romance is to begin in a few days and this is the time when lovers take out time in planning for the perfect surprise for their beloveds. This year, for the Valentine’s Day celebrations, OyeGifts is here to help you send Valentine gifts to India. Send Valentine gifts and surprise your beloved in the best possible way. Their online portal is the ideal destination for the Valentine gifts online. As for the online Valentine gifts delivery in India, you can be rest assured of their brilliant services in the said arena.

Surprise Your Sweetheart As You Send Valentine Gifts To India

OyeGifts is to provide the customers with special facilities and services for them to send Valentine gifts to India. They have unique gifts to meet the varied demands of the various customers on the different days of the Valentine’s week.

As for the online Valentine gifts delivery in India, OyeGifts is scheduled for same day, as well as, midnight delivery of the said gifts. So you can get your gifts delivered right at your lover’s doorstep even at the lonely hours of midnight. Can you even think as to how surprised and special will your Valentine feel when she or he finds a lovely romantic hamper being delivered at such odd hours? Well, it definitely will be a moment that is to be cherished forever in their lives.

This Valentine’s Day, they are to do delivery in all the major cities of the country, therefore send Valentine gifts to all over India and OyeGifts shall help you with the delivery. Keep all your heartbreaks and depressions concerning that your Valentine shall be in a different city on this Valentine’s Day away, rather gear up for that absolutely perfect surprise that you plan with OyeGifts. Their segment of Valentine gifts online is an absolute paradise with their exclusive collection and it is sure to leave the customers spoilt for choices.

Send Valentine Gifts as You Celebrate Each Day of Valentine’s Week with OyeGifts

Visit the online portal of OyeGifts and their segment of Valentine gifts online is truly a lovers paradise. From gorgeous bouquets of flowers, to a variety of combination hampers, they feature it all for you to send Valentine gifts to your beloved.

On 7th, i.e Rose Day, to mark the occasion, you have options like ‘Vivid’, to send your beloved. This is a bunch of ten long stem fresh red roses that are creatively arranged in a cellophane packing along with a ribbon bow.

You can also go in for ‘Yummy N Rosy’, which is this beautiful bunch of thirty gorgeous red roses that are done in a cellophane packing along with a lovely ribbon bow and coupled with a 300gm Ferrero Rocher chocolate box. What can be a better gift for your beloved than a beautiful bunch of red roses and Ferrero Rocher chocolates right on Rose Day?

To send Valentine gifts to India on Propose Day which is observed on the 8th of February, you can go in for a gorgeous red velvet cake that is especially done in a heart shape to meet the demands of the occasion. 'Red Velvet Heart Cake 1 Kg', is best suited for the celebration of the said day in a special manner. The white frosting of this creamy cake, is in perfect blend with the red contrast. This elegant contrast of the colour combination of red and white, makes this cake a favourite, both in terms of the yummy taste, as well as, the decorations.

For Chocolate Day which falls on the 9th of February, how about surprising your beloved with a wonderful hamper? Amaze and surprise your sweetheart with this beautiful hamper as you send ‘Feast Chocolate Hamper’ which contains two Bournville, two Dairy Milk Silk, sixteen pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates in a stylish cane basket adorned with a satin yellow ribbon.

So there are ample options that OyeGifts presents you with to spice up your love and romance as you avail their services for the online Valentine gifts delivery in India, for the seven day celebration of the Valentine week.

A Host Of Combination Hampers Under Valentine Gifts Online

For the most special day of love, you can go in for the variety of combination hampers for your beloved as listed under Valentine gifts online in OyeGift’s online portal.

These have flowers, chocolates, delicious cakes and other products as grouped under a perfect hamper that make for excellent choices to send Valentine gifts to India on this Valentine’s Day.

To cite as a few examples, you have 'Perfect N Lovely', which has a bunch of thirty gorgeous red roses done in a cellophane packing with ribbon bow, 300gm Ferrero Rocher chocolate box, 6 Inch cute and soft teddy bear along with four Fruit N Nut chocolates.

'Tower Of Love' on the other hand, provides for a beautiful bunch of thirty red roses that are combined with four Fruit N Nut chocolates (42gm each), a soft toy, a box of sixteen pieces of Ferrero rocher chocolate, along with a 500gm delicious butter scotch cake.

If you are keen to go in for a Black Forest cake to send Valentine gifts to your beloved, then you have 'Super Combination'. This is a combination hamper that has a cute teddy bear along with a bunch of twelve red roses, a Black Forest cake and a box of sixteen pieces of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate. This makes for that perfect hamper for the online Valentine gifts delivery in India.

OyeGifts has innumerable options and facilities. All you need to do is make a selection of the right gifts that can impress your Valentine to the core. Keep in mind his or her preferences as you go about glancing through their diverse options.

Choose OyeGifts as you go in for an exclusive week long celebration of love and romance.

Valentine Gifts Online

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