Top 5 Ways to Propose your Girl

Top 5 Ways to Propose your Girl
When you are in a committed relationship, the lifelong union is always on cards. As a guy who is truly and madly in love, you will definitely be planning something special for the day when you will come up with your official proposal in front of her. In that case, here is the list of 7 ideas which can help you propose your love in absolutely dreamy way.

Take Her to a Long Drive: Does your beloved loves to be on long drives in romantic weather? Then nothing can get better than this. You can actually think of proposing the love of your life on a romantic long drive in a rainy weather. But make sure she doesn’t get the hint about your plans. Just keep the roses ready in the back seat of your car and prepare yourself for a beautiful reaction.

A Relaxing Sunday Brunch: You both have work hard for the entire weekend and now all you want is a relaxing day out with your girl. Well, you must utilize this Sunday outing with something substantial. Yes, you can propose her right away in a surprise manner, just when she is about to gulp the next bite of the food. This will come as a pleasant surprise for her. But make sure you have chosen the correct set of words which are highly impact and can melt her heart in seconds.

Take Her to the Place Where you Both Met for First Time: Yes, this can prove to be a great idea when you are planning to propose the love of your life. You both must be having some special memories related to the place where you met for the first time and it shall be very close to your heart. So, you can take her to that special place and welcome her with the bunch of beautiful roses or a small cake. Tell her what she exactly means to you and wait for her wonderful reaction.

Propose her via FM Channel: It can be one of the most adorable way to propose someone you love. Yes, the medium of radio is heard by millions of listeners every day. All you need to do is to make her listen to request the RJ to let you confess your feeling for your girl in between the show, followed by playing a romantic number for her. Just give her a hint so that switches to the FM Channel at the right time. It is assured that her reaction will be priceless.

Send her heart Warming Gifts: If not by words, the language of love can be best expressed with cute gifts. Yes, you can think of some real amazing gifts while proposing your girl. It can be a box of chocolate, a jar full of candies, a cute showpiece, a lovely mug with quote, a customized T-shirt which says “will you marry me” or anything that will melt her heart. But make sure that you are standing right in front of her while she is unwrapping the gift.

Just hold her hand and express what she means for you and she will all yours!

Special Tokens of Everlasting Love

Gifts:- Special Tokens of Everlasting Love
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When Love Comes Wrapped with Happiness
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