There’s no one like a Mother. So, when Mother’s Day rolls around, one is always on the lookout to find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for her. Well, you can keep all your confusions at bay. We are here to highlight upon some gift options that are as special as she is. This year, you can add a crafty touch to Mother’s Day gifting with DIY gifts. Flexing your crafty skills this Mother’s Day, is sure to yield gifts that are not only creative, but also unique. Interested to know more? Well, read on to know about fascinating DIY Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to impress.

Gemstone Soaps:

 Gift her glitz and glamour this Mother’s Day with these stunning gemstone soaps. You can customize these soaps with her favourite scent and colours as well. Imagine how impressed will she be to get these gorgeous gemstone soaps in her favourite colours and her favourite scent.

DIY Shelves:

If your mother is fond of decorative items, then, gift her shelves. Make the most of wall art gifts as you go ahead with DIY shelves for her. Using wood and other decorative materials, give these shelves a unique touch. These shelves can store small plants, travel souvenirs etc.

Personalized Lamps:

Personalized Lamps

Find lamps in an array of designs and sizes. If you are looking for personalized Mother’s Day gifts online, then, there’s endless variety. Get these beautiful lamps personalized just the way you want. Use pictures, quotes or any heartfelt message to customize these just the way you want.

Upcycled Mother’s Day Vase:

Use a plastic pot to create something beautiful out of it. Clean the pot, paint it with colours of your choice. With different materials for decoration, you can get this pot crafted just the way you want. Bring home her favourite bunch of flowers, put it in the vase that you made and gift it to Mom.

Conversation Rock:

Although you might be surprised to read it, but it works as a great gifting idea. Gift your darling Mother a rock with a sweet message. Get a rock, some paints and put in your creativity and love. Paint it with colours and add a sweet message for your mother. Trust us, she is sure to love it.

DIY Floral Embroidery:

If your mother loves sewing and had also made you learn the craft, then gift her an embroidered beauty. You can stitch up some beautiful floral embroidery to charm her this Mother’s Day. Do it as a wall hanging, or a cushion cover, or a table cloth or other items for the matter.

Paper Flower Bouquet:

Paper Flower Bouquet

If you are interested in art and craft, then, you can gift her a beautiful paper flower bouquet. You can either use coloured paper, or you can colour the paper flowers as per your wish. Make a cone shaped bouquet with paper and arrange the paper flowers to create a beautiful DIY flower bouquet.

Simple String Art:

Gift your dear mother a wall art with minimum effort. A unique wall art piece can be crafted with few materials. Create a shape that your mother would love to see with a coloured string. When she shall see this artwork handing on the wall, she is simply to love this thoughtful gift.

Painted Shopping Bags:

You can buy a simple shopping bag made of jute or cloth and DIY in an artistic manner. Add in colours using patterns that are incredible to gift your mother this Mother’s Day. Whenever she goes shopping, she is sure to take this exclusive shopping bag that has been an ideal gift.

Warm DIY Scarf For Mom:

This Mother’s Day, gift your beloved mother a warm DIY scarf. Knit her scarf with wool in her favourite shade to make the gift extra special. You have to get started with this gift some days prior to the occasion to complete the knitting. It is sure to be her favourite scarf to be precise.

A Letter Of Gratitude:

Write a letter of gratitude for your beloved mom and gift it to her in a decorative envelope. Make the envelope with proper materials of decoration and gift her this thoughtful gift. Pen down everything in the letter that you want to say to your mother but couldn’t till date.

Bake A Cake:

Surprise your dear mother with a cake baked by you. If she loves pineapple cake, then bake a tangy and creamy pineapple cake for her. If she loves fruit cake, then bake a delectable cake with lots of fruits, and nuts. You can decorate this special cake as per your wishes.

Painted Tile:

This is another creative way to impress her this Mother’s Day. Paint a tile with colours. Select a beautiful design like a scenery, or a cartoon, or flowers etc. to paint it beautifully. Trust us, these make for excellent Mother’s Day gifts that are worth treasuring.

Rose Filled Heart Card:

Mothers love handmade cards to put it precisely. This card gets adorned with paper roses that look exceptionally adorable and professional. But it is no wonder too easy to make for the matter. Use quilling to craft hearts with the quilled beauties and design a perfect card for her.

Cook Her Favourite Meal:

Take your mother by surprise as you cook her favourite meal. Depending on her preferences, remember to make arrangements to pamper her with food this Mother’s Day. Trust us, she is sure to love this one-of-its-kind surprise Mother’s Day gift.

Crochet Plushie:

Make a cute little penguin or any other plushie with crochet for Mother’s Day. If you are someone who loves crochet, then, nothing like it. If your mother loves plushie, then she is sure to love this kind of a cute gift on Mother’s Day.

Make the most of Mother’s Day gifting with these DIY unique Mother’s Day gifts!

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