Birthdays require special planning especially when it is that of your soul mate. Are you planning on surprising him this year? On his special day, it would be a great idea!

It is so because the unplanned day would be the most memorable and will also make him feel loved and special. This is also the best way to celebrate birthdays as the reaction of the birthday girl/boy is priceless.

But, why not give the surprise a special twist this year? Don’t worry; we are here at your rescue if you are confused about how to do so. We have some sweet and loving ways that you can surprise your husband on his special day.

Birthday dinner

At times, the smallest gestures are the kindest. Prepare a small setup with a romantic candle-light. Order-in or prepare his favorite dish and this will make him elated! You can also add fairy lights and a little décor.

This set up can be in the garden, living room, or even the terrace.

Call friends

If parties are your jam, call his friends and colleagues over to your place. But, to surprise him, create a hoax that it’s just the two of you and he’d be thrilled to see his friends join in too.

With music, dancing and some party lights, the party is going to be on and super fun.


Birthdays are incomplete without a cake. They make everyone smile because they are just so delicious. Moreover, you can either buy a cake or bake one yourself.

And, when your husband comes home, cut the cake with your family and it will be a day of love and togetherness. This would make this a memorable birthday. Also, when there is cake, the room will be filled with happiness!



A surprise birthday gift is going to be a great choice; you can order birthday gifts online, bouquets, accessories, electronics, personalized gifts, all that you need is available.

Pack the gift of your choice and surprise your husband with this unexpected package that will open up to happiness.

His reaction is going to be priceless and one to remember.

Birthday Gifts


The pandemic makes it unable or difficult for our loved ones to visit. However, thanks to technology, you can now have a montage of the close people who couldn’t be there, wishing your husband a happy birthday. Create this into a film with memorable pictures and wishes.

You can also pitch in his childhood pictures and this shall only add to the happiness making him want to watch the film over and again.

This might make him cry, but, don’t worry, they’ll be happy tears for sure!

Flower arrangement

Red roses are the perfect flower for flower arrangements. Red is the color of love and happiness and, roses are one of the most beautiful flowers.

You can order these online, saying “happy birthday”. It would be a marvelous sight and shall make a beautiful present too.

Quality of time

No surprise can beat the gift of quality of time or the time spent together. Take a leave or half-day from your work, and ask your husband to do the same. Instead of going out, stay at home, do things that he enjoys. Like play video games, watch movies he likes, or any other thing he would love to do on his birthday.

You can also spend time watching the stars, and it would be a romantic birthday and he will have a lot of fun.


While he is at work, you can decorate the house with some balloons and a happy birthday tag; this might sound cliché but, trust us, works every time. Don’t give him any hints and when he comes home from work, he would have all his loved ones and friends say a “SURPRISE” aloud.

This unexpected décor, planning and surprise are going to make him enjoy and remember the moment.

This birthday, choose any of these ideas and make your soul mate feel loved and special on his birthday. This will make him happy and he would also enjoy the day a lot.

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