Corporate Diwali gifting is an important event for every company/ brand or organization in India. A lot of effort goes in the proper planning of the right kind of corporate gifts every year as the organization is always on the lookout for unique gifts every Diwali. The festival of lights is the best opportunity to tell your employees that they are loved and cared for. Diwali Corporate Gifts for employees isn’t only about gifts, but it is about conveying appreciation for all the hard work and efforts that they put in to maximize the growth and profit of the business of the company, organization or the brand for the matter.

Corporate gifts speak a lot about the company, so while selecting, the company needs to be aware that it is the gifts that shall uphold the image of the brand or organization for the matter. Now, this year has been different. There is the pandemic, employees are working from home, the profit on the general has been low, businesses have been terribly hit, millions of lives have been affected etc. But, you possibly cannot miss out on the corporate Diwali gifts this year because no matter how tough the situation has been, your employees have been there through thick and thin.

Let this Diwali be an eco-friendly one as you choose to gift such items that are environment friendly. This year do it a little differently as you choose to pamper your employees with such exclusive gifts that are absolutely heart-touching to say the least. Wondering about the best options for eco-friendly gifts this year? Well, we are here to help you out.

Here’s the list of the top 7 quirky and eco-friendly Diwali gift ideas for corporate employees:

Gift Cheque

Yes, shower some bonus on the festive season as you plan to take your employees by surprise with gift cheques on Diwali. It shall be an unexpected gift for them and with additional cash as gift, well, it shall indeed be a happy Diwali for them. Not to forget, this year with the pandemic looming over, a gift cheque shall be much appreciated by the employees to put it precisely.

Indoor Plants And Flower Hampers

Gifting beautiful green plants and colourful flowers as Diwali gifts adds a different touch of serenity to the festivities. Find a wide range of exclusive hampers that feature a variety of plants like, money plant, jade, bamboo etc. that are arranged in different styles in glass vases, ceramic pots or jars etc. As for the flowers, you can find diverse flowers like, velvety red roses, charming carnations, exotic orchids etc.

No Plastic Cutlery

In the present, you are sure to find different range of eco-friendly cutlery sets that are strictly crafted from only organic materials and no plastic for the matter. Some are crafted from sugarcane waste materials and make for a pretty choice as a complete cutlery set. There are some options that include even straws in the sets. Check out the available ones before making your choice, but remember this gift shall make for a cool eco-friendly choice.

Earthen Décor Items

In terms of looking for the best Diwali Corporate Gifts for employees that are environment friendly, you possibly cannot miss out on earthen home décor items to put it precisely. Right from decorative earthen diyas, to bright and colourful earthen lamps to beautiful showpieces, you can customize a hamper full of quirky and cool earthen home décor stuff to say the least. These are smart choices as gifts and the rustic charm about them can be exceptionally charming.

Sweets And Dry Fruits

Can Diwali be ever complete without some sweet treats? Well, if this year your budget for corporate gifts is low, then you can decide to go in for a lovely hamper full of delicious sweets and assorted dry fruits. To add a spunk of exclusivity, you can decide to pack it in decorative earthen trays, or wooden platters or a sustainable box that are environment friendly. Customize the hamper with your choice of sweets and dry fruits and you can also decide to customize it with your brand or organization’s name.

Organic Grooming Hampers

Let your employees know that you are equally bothered about them and thus, you decide to shower love and care with grooming hampers that contain organic products only. You can tie up with organic brands and curate your hampers that are crafted for the men and females separately and if you can go in for organic products that can be used by both men and women, then getting crafted a single hamper for all employees does the trick. It depends on your choices, but these hampers are sure to charm.

Wooden Planters

On Diwali, you can gift artistically done wooden planters to your employees that make for quirky choices to put it precisely. One can directly put the pot in them and these add to the interiors in an enigmatic manner. These planters are made from bioplastic made from corn or recycled wood and smells like raw wood. It comes in classy and cool designs and go really well when paired with cactus or other succulents. The plants are so pretty that it can help enhance the interiors in a stylish way.

This Diwali, don’t forget to care for the environment with eco-friendly Diwali Corporate Gifts for employees!

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