If there is one occasion that signifies the ultimate victory of good against bad, then it has to be Diwali. It is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India, over a week. If you try to unearth the meaning of the word, ‘Diwali’, then it translates into ‘light’ and ‘row’, That is why, you must have seen your mothers and grandmothers lighting ‘diyas’ in a row on theverandahs or rooftops. This the traditional way per se. Fire is considered one of the auspicious elements, and has the power to burn negativity. Thus, it achieves a prominent position in this celebration.

Additionally, it also denotes the return of Lord Ram from the 14-year-long exile. He comes back to reclaim his throne in Ayodhya. The residents rejoice in his homecoming through lights and fireworks. This tradition is followed till date, with some additions and subtractions. You will find people using electric rice lights for decoration as well, along with diyas and candles. This is one of the festivals which brings everyone closer, be they family members, friends, or relatives. People also celebrate this auspicious event with their employees and staff. Gifting is an essential part of the celebrations.

Specialty Gifting Symbolizing Aesthetics and Grandeur

Gifting shows how much you love the other person and admire him or her. It also brings instant joy to the receiver. This tradition has been a part of Indian culture since long. The elderly used to gift the little ones earlier, to shower their blessings. Today, you can find Diwali gifts online for gifting. Get everything in a few clicks, withouttravelling from shop to shop. Properchoice of gifts is also considered important as it reflects your personal taste.

Shop for a wide variety of Diwali gifts today, depending on the individual, your budget, and the relationship.

Best Diwali Gifts For 2023

Here are the top 25 Diwali gifts for you, which signify wealth, prosperity, health, and happiness above all.

Dry Fruits

Diwali Dry Fruit

There will be very few of you, who may have not received a platter full of dry fruits on Diwali. Pistachios, almonds, cashews,and raisins are there in such platters. Nowadays, you will also get imported macadamia nuts, cranberries, and blueberries.

Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate Boxes


These are also loved by one and all. The best part about chocolates is that, everyone loves them.

Handcrafted Lamps or Diyas

Diwali Delights

You can also gift your loved ones a box of diyas. There are beautiful handcrafted ones available, in a riot of colours. Handcrafted are special, as there are rarely any copies of any one product. They are often decorated with golden laces and mirrors, which add to the overall glamour.

Miniature Plants and Succulents

Charming Indoor Plants

 They make wonderful gifts, as they spread greenery. You can place them on the work desk and also on the coffee table.

Mithai Boxes or Indian Sweetmeats

Mithai Boxes or Indian Sweetmeats

 Sweets are one of the most loved edible gift items that you could get or receive on Diwali. It is that time, when diets go for a toss.



 These are gifts none can go wrong with. Fragrant flowers can make any woman feel special. This is considering, that you are gifting a female.  Men also love them inside the house. You will be amazed to know, that many men find gardening therapeutic. So, find something for him in the garden.

Personalized Mugs

Blue personalized diwali mug

 One can get the photos printed on the mugs and also write personalized messages on the same. These are the most common gifts in the corporate world.

Idols of Gods and Goddesses

Idols of Gods and Goddesses

These are all-time favourites in the Hindu community, which believes in idol worship. You can get silver, ceramic, or precious stone-carved idols of Lakshmi ji and Ganesha. Gold plated ones are also available. Buddha idols are also quite popular in the gifting genre.

Sculptures and Showpieces

Sculptures and Showpieces

These have been around for centuries. One can surely place these around the house, as home décor. So, as long as they are there, you are in their minds as well.

Skincare Spa Packages

Skin Care Hamper

You can gift such small skincare hampers to your mom, sister, or a female friend, Most of these contain a body butter, sugar scrub, and loofah. These will keep them smelling great all day too.

Precious Jewelleries

Hearts-In-Love Pendent

Jewellery gifting is also catching on today. You can gift small pieces in 18K gold, sterling silver, or pearls. Women love them. Most working women would prefer light ones for everyday use. You can also get the loved one’s name embossed on pendants and bracelets.



Scents are an all-time favourite for everyone, irrespective of the gender. There are perfume sets that are available today. You can also buy miniature bottles of high-quality perfumes at reasonable rates. The receiver will be elated.

Blankets and Quilted Comforters

With the winter not too far away, many people love to receive these warmers as gifts. These are the most utilitarian gifts that one can choose for the occasion.

Home Appliances

Home Appliances

These are perfect for your mother or a female friend. One can also choose such electronics for employees. These are very useful around the house and can help save time.

Precious Metal Coins

 When it comes to Diwali gifts, this is often the first choice. Gold and silver coins with Om, Lakshmi, and Ganesh forms are quite popular. Most people keep such gifts with themselves for their entire lifetime. So, your memories are always afresh in their minds.



 One of the most gifted in the past, these may have lost their sheen. However, you can still find out some of the amazing ones in glazed ceramics, earthen finish, or porcelain. Handcrafted ones add to the grandeur.



They are considered as one of the most thoughtful gifts, as they keep time. It shows that you took some time to decide on the gift. Some of the best brands for gifting also have combo offers, so you might get two for a discount. You can get them in gold-finish, silver-finish and in sports version.

Gift Cards

Diwali Gifts Card

These are the most conventional, yet most valuable gifts for Diwali. You can get them in various denominations. If you are in doubt over what to buy for an employee or an acquaintance, then these are a safe bet.

Canvas Paintings

Canvas Paintings

If you have an artistic bent of mind, or the person whom you want to gift does, get one of these. Head to any art gallery and choose one that resonates most with the receiver’s personality. You can choose from traditional, contemporary, or abstracts.

Aroma Diffusers

Soapstone Oil Diffuser

 Also called humidifiers, these refresh the air inside the homes. Camomile and Jasmine are good choices in aromatic oils that go with these.

Brass Candle Holders

Brass Candle Holders

 If you are looking for something opulent and exquisite, then these are a must-buy this Diwali. They canadd a touch of glam to any bland area.

Silver Utensils

 Traditions never fade. This is proof of the same. Silver plates, bowls, and spoons remain the top favourites for Diwali gifting.

Assorted Tea Gift Boxes

Assorted Tea Gift Boxes

Any tea lover will love such a gift, be it Diwali or any other occasion. Buy ones that have been sourced from the finest estates in India or abroad.

Personalized Phone Covers

Personalized Phone Covers

These are also trending today. One can get nice sporty ones or ones that are studded with semi-precious stones.

Designer Apparel

 If you are gifting a spouse or a close family wear, get that designer wear from eminent fashion designers. Your loved one will be bowled over.

These are a few of the awesome Diwali gift ideas for 2023. You can get creative and think for more. It is especially important for you to know what the other person loves or their tastes. You can add your personal touch to that.

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