Raksha Bandhan or rakhi is the most honored festival in India. It is all about the celebration of the brother and sister and their loveliest bonding. The nationwide celebration during the month of Shravan tells the saga of the beautiful relationship between the brother and sister. In that regard, it becomes essential that you also make a note on the gift list that both sisters and brothers can select for each other. Therefore, to have a clear clue on the gifts that you should take for the brother. Make sure that you follow the below-bulleted points for further assurance on what to buy as Rakhi gifts for brother.

Snacks combo rakhi gift

Your dearest brother is a great foodie especially he is a lover of all types of snack items. He does not want to miss anything when it comes to the snack food list. Therefore, this year on Rakhi you thought that why not surprise your little brother with a combo pack of different snacks. Well, you had this thought in your mind and you were looking for the site who can actually assure you with such collection. In the meantime, while browsing the internet, you came across the site called the Oyegifts.com. There you got the gift exactly the same one you imagined in your mind.

Talking about the gift it consists of good day cookies. Kinder joy 2, Britannia Bourbon biscuits, Ferrero Rocher chocolate of 50gms each, @ packets of the Lotte Choco pie of 12 grams as well.

The best about the site is that they use the ultimate creativity to design the gifts. Like, in this case, you will see that the items are tucked in a pleasing basket along with Chawal and Roli. On the whole, you only have to spend rs 1299 on the whole items.

Dryfruits rakhi combo

A healthy body reflects a healthy mind. Therefore you thought that it would be nice to add healthy food items to the Rakhi gift list. But the fact is somewhere you had this thought that you don’t want a single kind of nut but different types of nuts. Luckily, a friend of yours told you about the site named Oyegifts.com. The trusted and reliable online gift delivery portal in India with a global name can give you what you literally want to have.

Therefore after hearing the name you thought to browse through the gift collection. As it is Rakhi so you particularly focused on that section. Meanwhile, you came across the Dry fruit box with pockets consisting of the almonds, Pista, Kaju, Walnuts.

Note that each of them was 100 gms. As it is Rakhi so the addition of the Roli, Chawal justified the meaning of the occasion. Honestly, you won’t have to take the onus of overspending as you want to get this whole combo pack at a price of rs 1199.

Rakhi, Chocolate and body spray

Being an elder sister to a great extent it becomes your duty to get the gift for your brother that will literally touch his heart. Precisely you should get that kind of gift that should be close to your brother’s heart. If so, then it is time to pause the local rakhi gift shopping and have a look through the online portals gift collection. And talking about the online gift. One site that literally shook the customers with its vivid collection is one and only Oyegifts.com.

Coming to the gift it has the Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk with the combination of Fruit and Nut. In addition to that, the gift has the Men’s deo from the brand Yardley London. Along with that, the Rakhi to a large extent completes the Rakhi gift idea. You can pick these items at a reasonable price for Rs 849.

Designer Rakhi with Buddha

As an elder sister, you always wish a long and prosperous life for your younger brother. Hence it is always your lookout to have gifts that should reflect your inner wish for your brother. So you started to quest on the online shops to get the gift you want to have for your brother this year Rakhi.

In the meantime, while browsing you stumbled upon the site Oyegifts.com indeed the gift collection of the site was spectacular but in the midst of all, the seated Blue colored Buddha Idol immediately caught your attention. In addition to that, the Roli, chawal marks the auspiciousness of the occasion. But since its Rakhi so the presence of the designer Rakhi in the shape of Peacock also adds exquisiteness to the gift idea. No need to ponder much on the gift affordability as you can have this at a price for Rs 714.

Expressive gift for Rakhi

When it comes to gift, it is all about the right expressions for the nearest ones. Like this year on Rakhi, you thought to plan the gift in a different way. For that, you browsed through several sites and ultimately Oyegifts.com seemed convincing. There you got this gift where you saw the detailed designer Rakhi with stones embossed on the body donned in golden color. In addition to that, a Rakhi greeting card along with Roli and Chawal made it look amazing as a Rakhi gift. So pick the whole gift at a price for Rs 1249 only.


Just explore the gifts stated in the above-mentioned bullets. Choose any one of these and you can enjoy the option to send Rakhi online.

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