India is a land of various beautiful traditions and culture. Here, people strongly believe in the traditions and customs passed on to them by their ancestors. One of these is fasting on different occasions.

Fasting can be for several reasons, for a partner, children, long life, family, and various other reasons. But, there is also a health benefit associated with the fasts practiced in India.

One such celebration is the fast of Karwa Chauth. This is celebrated on a specific full moon night that falls each year as per the Hindu calendar. At this festival, doting wives fast for the health and quality life of their husbands.

As much as this festival is spiritually relevant and connecting, it is a day of romance for the couple. It is so because the wife selflessly fasts for her spouse to be blessed with a great life ahead.

The husband, in return showers the wife with Karwa Chauth gifts and lots of affection and love. This makes the day even more special.

Some good to know thoughts and facts are also a great way to make such celebrations special. So, here’s one such list if you are fasting your first Karwa Chauth. We are sure that these would make the fasting ceremony special and beautiful for you.

Health benefits

The fast of Karwa Chauth benefits your husband’s health. But, it also has a good impact on yours! Fasting promotes the re-growth of white blood cells in the body. This ends you up with a healthier immune system. 

It also yields benefits for the brain. The new neurons that are developed in the brain improve your clarity of thoughts and also the normal functioning of the brain.

Through fasting, the negativity and toxins flow out from your body. This ultimately has a positive effect on your health.

The celebrations

Karwa Chauth is more than just fast. It is a festival. Your day shall begin with a gift, sargi from your mother-in-law when you wake up before sunrise. Your other Karwa Chauth gifts would include Saree, sweets, savories, etc. 

All these would motivate you for fun events and fast throughout the day. You will be pampered by all and forget about all your worries.

The dressing up

You will be dolled up for the event in a beautiful red saree. Your hands too shall be painted in Henna. This would make you look like a beautiful bride. 

And, who doesn’t like dressing up like a bride? Your husband will fall in love with you yet again.

The Pooja

It is a delight to watch the women, dressed as beautiful brides sit together and perform the Karwa Chauth pooja. It is soothing in terms of spirituality and the women also read the kathas or stories while they pray for their husbands.

Until the moon rises, and the most romantic part of the festival comes up, the women wait, chanting hymns, singing devotional songs, or simply relax.

Breaking the fast

The cinema has hyped up the romance of the part where the wife breaks the fast. However, to be honest, it is that romantic. With the moon glowing its brightest, you would be overwhelmed with emotions as your husband would be right there.

The feeling would be surreal and you’d be waiting for the next Karwa Chauth.

Above all the benefits and attention that you will be having throughout the day, the most important thing would be the strengthening of your relationship with your husband.

This ultimate benefit would have you looking forward to celebrating this festival of Karwa Chauth and enjoy every event with the utmost happiness.

The customs and Karwa Chauth gifts would make your day special and make you enjoy the festival thoroughly.

You should also take care of your health and have a healthy meal on the previous day so that you have enough energy for the fast. Even when you eat the Sargi, take only small portions of the sweets to curb excess hunger. It is also important to take care of your health while fasting.

For the husband

This selfless tradition that your wife follows, intends to benefit you. It would be great if you could pamper her that day with your love and attention. It is not going to be too easy to stay without food and water. Help her relax and make her day special.

The best way to make her feel special is by getting her a thoughtful Karwa Chauth gift. This can include clothing, jewelry, self-care items, and also cosmetics.

When the moon shines its brightest, the sacred bond of marriage shines brighter. This festival of love and care is what makes it divine in its existence.

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