Being married is the best feeling. And, when you are married, romantic things add up to the beauty of the relationship between you and your spouse. One of the nicest gestures in this holy relationship is that of Karva Chauth. It is a symbol of love between the husband and wife. 

What is even more deeply touching is your wife fasting an entire day, selflessly for her husband and his health. This is certainly a blessing for them.

What makes it even more memorable is sharing gifts and feeling the beautiful feeling of love.

However, at times choosing a gift is tough and you need options for guiding you to the best, most thoughtful gifts.

You certainly have a wide range of options available to buy for your wife. However, the confusion is understandable as there are a lot of options available such as jewelry, sweets, spa hampers, soft toys, and a lot more.

But, what is better than buying her something that is personalized and captures the beauty of your relationship. Your personalized gift will portray the thought and love behind giving the gift.

If you are looking for a gift for your husband, you might think that the list is too small, or you lack options. But, we’re here to help you make your husband’s day as special as it is for you.

Here’s the ultimate list of Karwa Chauth Gifts for Husband and Wife:


Heart-Shaped Gift

Heart-Shaped Gift

Her heart shall go on…because a heart-shaped gift never fails to impress. Heart-shaped gifts can be a pillow with a picture of the couple together, a bouquet with beautiful red roses in a heart shape, or also a creamy heart-shaped cake.

The heart shape, the shape of love will work wonders and make your wife happy with the thoughtfulness and affection attached to the gift.



A day of happiness is incomplete without something sweet. And who does not like chocolates? Gifting your wife a box of her favorite chocolates or a bouquet of assorted chocolates is sure to lighten up her day.

You can also get creative chocolates, such as a two-tier chocolate bouquet or even a teddy bear with a bouquet/box of chocolates.

Self-care items

Everybody deserves a day to relax and pamper themselves. What is better than gifting the resources that will help your wife relax. You can give her a hamper with scented candles, skincare products, and other body care items. 

This self-care hamper can either be made as per your customization and you can also buy one that is already available.


The perfect combination of beauty, fragrance, and soothing quality, yes, you got it right, flowers. A bouquet of roses or any other flower would instant make the day of Karwa Chauth even more romantic.

This bouquet accompanied by a mesmerizing greeting card is also a great add-on.


A very old-school idea, but it has never failed to charm a woman. This category has a lot of options, each better than the other. A classy pendant, diamond-studded earrings, or an enchanting bracelet, your wife is going to love each one of them!

Customized gifts

Customized gifts

The best way to bring out your emotions through a gift is by creating a personalized gift. Customized gifts mean getting a picture or a sweet nothing printed on mugs, pillows, photo frames, or even get a 3-D photo lamp.

This personalized idea shall work like magic on your partner’s happiness.



There are never too many gifts! Especially when you can’t think of the best gift, choose a hamper. This basket of joy will contain everything that your partner loves.

You can customize your own and even buy an available readymade hamper. This can contain sweets, chocolates, gifts, and also other beauty or body care products.


A gift is something that always comes in handy. And, by that, we mean, literally. A handbag that matches her style and taste would make her overjoyed. 

You can always keep different things such as cosmetics, sweet treats, etc. inside the bag. This way you can club together with a variety of presents.



It’s her time to shine! Gift her something that never makes her forget that it’s always her time to shine. Yes, a watch! This will make her feel beautiful ad special at the same time.

 The watch can depend on her lifestyle also. If she prefers formal attire then a classy watch will be a perfect choice. A sporty band watch would be best if the gym is her place of worship. However, a beautiful jeweled watch will be the best choice and shall get along well with almost all her attires.


If you want to go a little expensive, a mobile phone is just a choice. Buy her a stunning mobile phone with a gorgeous back cover. It would make her feel overwhelmed with the classy idea.

Click your first selfie of this new mobile phone and make the day even more memorable!


Special Cake

Special Cake

Who can say no to a scrumptious cake? Gift your husband a creamy, delicious cake. With a beautiful heart shape and beautiful decoration, this cake will surely make your husband’s day. 

You may not have the time to bake the cake, but you can always order it. Add a greeting card with this cake to tell him how he deserves to feel special and loved too. This card would work like icing on the cake!

Photo frame

photo frame

“We keep our love in a photograph, we make these memories to remember later..” The best way to treasure memories is by clicking a picture. And, to make it more special, you frame it. Giving this to your other half will remind him of the memorable day.

This photo frame can also have a sweet nothing written to make the gift even more romantic and special for your husband.

Men’s kit

men's kit

Like you, your husband also needs a day off. Even though he might not have a dozen cosmetics, you can always gift him some skincare products or a shaving kit. If you are looking to buy a great grooming kit for your husband, Park avenue has a great grooming kit, especially for men.

This would be a useful, yet thoughtful gift. It would make your husband want to take some time out to relax and rejuvenate his skin and himself. Such as the Gillette gift hamper for men would be a great buy! 

It is with the assurance that he will feel even more fresh and happy after he experiences the relaxing therapy.

Money Plant

Money Plant

The plant that brings in prosperity and peace! A perfect gift for your husband. He can keep this at his work desk and soak in the positive vibes and work hard.

The best part- Every time he’s at work, he’ll be reminded of you whenever he sees the gift and would cherish the memory.

This plant also requires very little care and will also sit beautifully on the desk.


Give your husband a reason to smell great! With the perfume that you gift him, your husband would always be reminded of you each time he sports the perfume you gave him as a present. 

You can also club a few fragrances and gift them to him, this would make a lovely present for your better half.

Shirt combos

Shirt combos

This idea certainly never goes out of style! Gifting your husband a shirt as per his taste and lifestyle would be a very useful gift. You can gift him combinations of shirts of different shades, colors, prints and also a set of shirts which suit each occasion, casual, formal and party wear.

This gift would have a personalized touch of your choice and would make your husband look even more handsome.



If you plan on increasing your budget and going for an expensive buy, a laptop is the best choice. A laptop would be one of the most useful gifts, especially for your workaholic husband.

A laptop gifted by you would always remind him that you are always there to support him and love him.

Leather items

Leather items

Leather always gives a classy appearance. You can gift your husband a leather wallet, belt, formal bag, and also a dashing leather jacket. 

This would give a charming appearance to your husband wherever he goes. This is because both leather and your love, never go out of style!


head phones - Karwa Chauth Gifts for Husband

Besides laptops, you can also gift your husband other electronic accessories. You can also gift him headphones, wireless earphones, speakers, etc. on this occasion. This would be a thoughtful gift and would always be used by him.

You can also gift him a home assistant such as Alexa. This would definitely make his life easier.

Video Games

video games

Keep the fun, adventurous child in your husband alive by gifting him video games. You can gift him a play station, Xbox and if he has all of these, you can gift him a set of games that he can play and does not already have.

This Karwa Chauth, make your partner feel special and loved by gifting them lots of love, gift-wrapped and presented with memories and romance. This was the ultimate list to guide you to choose the best gift for your spouse this Karwa Chauth for both husband and wife and make the year 2021 romantic and memorable.

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