Birthdays are always special and if it is about the birthday of the special someone, then it becomes extraordinarily special all the more. Lovers are always on the lookout to make their sweethearts feel loved on this special day of their lives for the matter. No matter how much of disagreements that couples go through and the not-talking-to-each-other phases in the relationship and the times of finding their partners irritating, birthdays are essentially the day to shower the beloved with love in abundance and make her/him feel how much they mean to the other inspite of everything. So, if you happen to be on the lookout for exclusive birthday gifts for the beloved, then we can suggest that you might as well go in for the special combination of flavourful cakes and vibrant bunch of fresh blooms to seal the deal perfectly.

Find combinations of different types and also that belong to different price range and are absolutely unique to say the least. Explore the scintillating collection of cakes and flowers online and we are sure that every combination is such a stunner that it is to leave you spoilt for choices. Read on to know more about some of the best combinations of lovely flowers and yummy cakes…

Prettylicious Delight:

Prettylicious Delight

This is an amazing choice of majestic combination that features a colourful bunch of vibrant gerberas in a plethora of shades like red, orange, white, yellow, pink etc. that are neatly done in a bunch. It comes combined with a half kg butterscotch cake that is simply delectable.

Perfect Combo to Gifts:

Perfect Combo to Gifts

If you know that your beloved is fond of yellow flowers, then charm him/her with this extraordinary bunch of sunshine yellow roses that are done with white fillers and come combined with a half kg black forest cake for the matter. Gift a bountiful of sunshine to your lover on his/her birthday with this offbeat hamper.

Pastel Beauty Hamper:

Pastel Beauty Hamper

Among birthday gifts for him online, you can consider this offbeat combination of mixed flowers and delicious cake. It offers a creamy and delightful half kg chocolate cake that comes combined with a bunch of yellow roses and purple orchids that is done in a white and yellow paper packing to put it precisely.

Orchids Special Combo:

Orchids Special Combo

Bearing testimony to its name, it is indeed a special combo. Find this enigmatic bunch of exotic purple orchids that are neatly done in a tissue wrap with a decorative ribbon bow and comes combined with a half kg black forest cake. Make the most of birthdays with this gorgeous hamper.

Romance Ultimate Fantasy:

Romance Ultimate Fantasy

Go all mushy mushy in love and romance as you choose to surprise the love of your life on his/her birthday with this charming combination hamper. If you are looking to buy romantic birthday gifts online, then this combination of heart shaped arrangement of scarlet red roses and a heart shaped chocolate cake can fit the bill perfectly.

Scents and Sweets:

Scents And Sweets

If your beloved likes lilies, then this can work as a great gift idea for his/her birthday. Gift this combination hamper that features a pretty bunch of baby pink lilies that are done in a white and blue paper packing and comes with a mouth-watering half kg chocolate cake for the matter.

Heart Warming Affair:

Heart Warming Affair

It is indeed a heart-warming affair to say the least. This extravagant combo hamper contains a colourful bunch of mixed carnations perfectly done in a bunch and comes with a sweet and tangy pineapple cake that leaves a creamy after-taste.

Forest Of Flowers:

Forest Of Flowers

It is this gorgeous combination of pink Oriental lilies, white Asiatic lilies and red carnations that are crafted in a beautiful bunch and is combined with a half kg delectable chocolate truffle cake for the matter. The arrangement of flowers is simply a stunning one for the matter.

Blesses And Wishes:

Blesses And Wishes

If your beloved isn’t fond of red roses, then this scintillating choice of romantic red bunch of scarlet red carnations along with a half kg truffle cake can work as a unique gifting idea.This is the conventional combination of red roses and a chocolate cake, but just that, this time it isn’t the roses, but carnations.

Beauty N Flavour Combo:

Beauty N Flavour Combo

Buy cakes and flowers online for your beloved for here is the appealing arrangement of flowers that sits as pretty as a picture. It is a neat arrangement of 10 red roses and three Ferrero Rocher chocolate in a beautiful red and yellow tissue wrap and the look is sealed with a decorative red ribbon bow. It is done with lots of green fillers and comes combined with a half kg black forest cake.

Emotion Explosion:

Emotion Explosion

If you want to keep it simple, yet heart-warming, then here’s a unique combination of flowers and cakes for you. It a colourful bunch of mixed roses that is done with beautiful fillers in a cellophane wrap and is combined with a delectable pineapple cake. The sweet and tangy flavour of the pineapple cake is simply mouth-watering to say the least.

Deluxe Celebrations:

Deluxe Celebrations

A an extraordinary touch of magic to the celebrations and make his/her birthday a grand affair to remember with this classic combination. It contains a beautiful arrangement of 100 scarlet red roses that are done with lots of white fillers in a red paper packing with a decorative red ribbon bow and is combined with a 1kg heart shaped delicious chocolate cake. Surprise your beloved with this premium hamper that is absolutely gorgeous.

Unravel the best of choices to send flowers and cake online to your beloved in India. No matter in which part of the globe you are in, you can simply plan that perfect birthday celebrations for him/her with neatly wrapped surprises from the house of OyeGifts. With timely delivery services, an extensive chain of delivery network in the country and an array of delivery facilities in terms of flowers and cake delivery in India, sending gifts to India has become as easy as ABC.

Remember to choose the combination that best matches his or her preference, for it makes the surprise all the more special. No matter what you choose, remember that your beloved is simply to love it to say the least. It isn’t always about the gift you send, rather it is this love-wrapped gesture of planning a surprise, the thoughtfulness of making his/her birthday memorable and of the desire to make your special someone feel extraordinary on the special day that always matters the most!

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