Flowers are simply magical. A bouquet of flowers can usher in a riot of happiness in one’s life. Known as the ultimate mood lifters, there’s a certain feel-good factor about flowers that is difficult to express in words for the matter. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, promotion parties, or any kind of other special occasions or purpose, a bouquet of lovely blooms can work as majestic gifts for the matter.

Not only for special occasions, a flowers bouquet can be sent as a love wrapped surprise to your dear and near ones on ordinary days of human existence when life offers you little moments that calls for celebration. OyeGifts is here to offer you an incredible range of stunning flowers bouquet online that features an array of distinctive choice of fresh blossoms that is made available in different types and distinctive shades for the matter.

The bouquets are crafted in an variety of arrangements and styles that speaks for the sheer creativity and artistic brilliance of the best team of florists who craft these one-of-its-kind masterpieces. Each arrangement sits as pretty as a picture which leaves one spoilt for choices all the more. Eager to know about the different types of flowers that you can choose online? Well, we are here to highlight upon some of the choices to help you understand better in the endeavour to give an overview of the same.

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Emotions And Love:

Emotions And Love

It is the conventional bunch of lovely red roses that has been used to woo the lover. A bunch of velvety red roses comes arranged in a beautiful cellophane wrap and is done with a lovely red ribbon bow to put it precisely. It is done with white fillers and can work as a romantic surprise for the beloved.

Pink Carnation Bouquet:

Pink Carnation Bouquet

For the times when your sister bags her first job, or gets a promotion in her office, or for the matter, buys her first car, this pretty bouquet of beautiful carnations can be sent as an incredible surprise. So, this can work as a great choice to send birthday flowers online and make the special moments all the more special.

Merry Times:

Merry Times

It is a mixed flower bouquet that is arranged in a stunning design. It is a colourful work of art that features pink carnations, white roses and purple orchids in a basket. This can be gifted to both formal and informal relationships to celebrate the joys of life from time to time. This vibrant choice can indeed be a stunner to say the least.

White Roses Vase Arrangement:

White Roses Vase Arrangement

This is a serene choice of flowers that offers long stem pristine white roses that are neatly arranged in a beautiful glass jar. It can be chosen to express condolences and sympathy on funerals to be precise. Also, this can be gifted to friends and family who love white flowers, or white roses in particular.

Basket Arrangement of Pink And Orange Gerberas:

Basket Arrangement of Pink And Orange Gerberas

Go for this vibrant arrangement of pink and orange gerberas that is crafted to ultimate perfection if we may say so. Arranged in a super creative manner with green decorative leaves in a cane basket, it can be gifted on an array of special occasions and purposes.

Double Rose Heart:

Double Rose Heart

Looking for anniversary flowers online? Well, gift this exceptional arrangement of two hearts that are done with red roses in a decorative cane basket. It oozes a distinctive feel of romance and works perfect as a gift to surprise someone on their anniversary to be precise.

Pink And Yellow Oriental Lilies:

Pink And Yellow Oriental Lilies

In case you are looking for the ideal bouquet for someone who has a special fascination for lilies, then this is the perfect choice for him/her. It is this delightful bunch of pink and yellow oriental lilies that are neatly done in a paper packing. The pastel shades of pink and yellow invests it with a different charm of beauty altogether.



Bearing testimony to its name, this is simply perfect if you are looking to buy get well soon flowers online. Sending this bright bunch of sunshine yellow oriental lilies can express the warmth of love and remembrance in the most special manner. In times of sickness, surprise your dear ones with this bunch of sunshine yellow flowers.

Exotic Ten Seasonal Flowers Bunch:

This is an exceptional arrangement of mixed flower bouquet that contains pristine lilies, velvety roses along with bright gerberas for the matter. For someone who is fond of colours, you can add a plash of colours to his/her life with this vibrant bunch of beautiful blooms.

Carnations & Orchids Arrangement:

Carnations & Orchid Arrangements

There are times in life when one looks for the perfect bunch of flowers to convey heartfelt thanks and gratitude. If you are on the lookout for that perfect bouquet, then this works wonders to send thank you flowers online. With a subtle tone of class, this purple and white arrangement of orchids and carnations in a basket with decorative green leaves is sure to charm in cases of expressing gratitude and sincere thanks.

Robust Style:

Robust Style

The beauty of orchids is simply stunning. There’s something about a simple bunch of orchids which makes it the perfect choice to convey greeting in both formal and informal purposes. It is this majestic bunch of purple orchids that comes neatly arranged in a pink paper packing along with a pink ribbon bow.

Beautiful Box of Roses:

Beautiful Box Of Roses

Find premium choice of assorted flowers like this elegant ‘Beautiful Box Of Roses’. It is this classy arrangement of white and yellow roses that comes in a distinctly crafted wooden box. Basically, this is your box full of pretty blooms that sit as pretty as a picture.

Explore an intoxicating collection of flower bouquets that are arranged in a plethora of designs with a variety of colour combinations and contrasts as well. Right from flowers being done in a neat bunch, to that of basket arrangements of flowers, to that of flowers in a glass jar, to flowers being crafted in a jute wrap, to that of a premium range of assorted flowers in a box, we have got you covered completely.

Avail online flower delivery in India and gift a lifetime of memories to your loved ones with such floral surprises that comes wrapped with a whole lot of love. Celebrate life, celebrate love, celebrate all your relationships with pretty blooms that never fail to add that touch of sweetness, beauty and charm to the moments that life offers!

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