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May the 'city of joy' keep spreading happiness in your lives always! Kolkata, the harbinger of love and urbanity, is a city cherished by all. Indians and foreigners alike have been fascinated by its beauty and charm and we intend to increase it manifold through our website, India's leading online florist, number one online web service in terms of quality and service, and the fastest growing online gifts website, requires no more introductions. With offices that span the nation and gifts that fascinate all, is delighted to announce a first of its kind gifting website and delivery service in Kolkata. Now, at the click of your hand, you can order whatever you wish and receive it at any hour of the clock, anywhere in Kolkata.

Mesmerizing roses, soothing orchids, and calm gerberas - all are at your service through our user friendly shopping cart and exclusive delivery in Kolkata. We make your city beautiful with thoughtful flowers and lovely messages only through

Buy Flowers Online in Kolkata

Flowers are eternal symbols of love and care. The reason we want to gift someone a flower is to express our love and care for them. At, we believe in conveying your messages through our alluring and fresh flowers. Send online flowers in Kolkata from our website because we provide unique opportunities for you to send meaningful cards along with our flowers. Our each bouquet is a poem and each flower is a couplet that can express your feelings and love quietly and perfectly. Further, you can order glass-vase with flowers or mixed flowers through our categorized website. Our combinations of flowers and chocolates, flowers and cards, etc can help you portray your love and care completely in a reasonable budget. We assure you, with our expert delivery service, your flowers shall stay beautiful and new even when they reach the recipient's place.

Flowers for all Occasions and Emotions

Whether you wish to gift your loved one on your first date, or you want to wish your father a happy father's day, our flowers can do it all. believes in catering to the demands and needs of all people. We believe that flowers are a tranquil medium of non-verbal communication; flowers can say what we might not. Hence, has different kinds of flowers for distinct emotions. For love and romance, we have red, yellow, white, pink, and magenta roses, all of which portray different shades of love. Moreover, our special rose-laden gifts include Heart Shaped Love, exquisitely designed heart-shaped boxes of chocolates covered by a layer of roses on their boundaries. Feel free to surf through our website and order your favourite flowers online in Kolkata.

To send a message of respect and friendship, provides exquisite orchids. Unique and beautiful, our cream, yellow, and white orchids can make the receiver feel truly remembered and cared for. Through our orchids, you can bridge the gap of miles between you and your loved one at great ease.

If you desire to express your gratitude and concern, our lilies can come in handy; possibly, the safest flower to gift, lilies are calm and soothing. You do not need to worry about being mistaken or misunderstood if you have our liles.

Next in the genre are carnation flowers, known for their softness and feather-like touch; they are indeed the most accommodating flowers. Carnations are suitable for every occasion and relation, as they speak to a wide audience. Such is the beauty and appeal of carnation flowers, available exclusively at, now in Kolkata.

Lastly, as they say, old is gold. We have dancing gerberas, especially in Kolkata. So, if you want to be colourful and funky, our gerberas can do the job perfectly. All you need to do is order flowers online.

Tick-Tock on the Clock but Doesn't Stop... Oooh!

Yes, you read it right. Be it a chilly winter night or a hot sunny day, works round the clock the entire year. We believe in transcending the boundaries of time, which is why our website is only a click away always. And so is our delivery team. Now, you can order and receive your flowers anytime you want. With our special midnight flower delivery service, we even make your flowers reach at 12 am in the morning wherever you want in Kolkata. Hurry u! Surprise your loved one with mesmerizing flowers at their doorstep at midnight with's special midnight delivery service.

The Fastest Delivery Service in Kolkata

Have you ever heard of a gift delivery service that comes to your house only two hours after you've ordered? Well, that is exactly what does, which makes us number one in India. We know and understand that in the busy schedule of your lives, it becomes difficult to remember everything. So, if you have just remembered something and need our blooming flowers immediately, is there to rescue you from unnecessary embarrassment. Our delivery team has an expertise in same day gift service and we would reach anywhere you want, whenever you want in Kolkata.

Saving your Money believes gifting is about making people happy. Therefore, we provide you with special discounts such as gifts under INR 1000 and budget combinations of chocolates, roses, and cakes. Now, you can buy flowers at reasonable prices in Kolkata through our easy to use, customer-friendly website, Currently, has over five lac satisfied customers; we are thriving by your support and our team's consistent efforts in providing the best flowers at the most comfortable prices. Our flowers are chosen rigorously and carefully, and are tested by our experts on parameters of time and beauty. They are fresh and alluring, and appeal to people of varied interests. India's best online florist and flower delivery website, is pleased to make your loved ones smile. Choose us today to spread smiles and happiness in Kolkata with our motto, 'delivering happiness.'