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Makar Sankranti festival of North India is celebrated as Pongal in South India. In the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the festival of Pongal welcomes the Sun's entry into Capricorn in a different way.

The festival of Pongal is dedicated to prosperity. In this festival, by collecting paddy crop, they express their happiness in the form of the Pongal festival and pray to God that the coming crops should also be good.

Why celebrate the Pongal festival?

In South India, people celebrate Pongal after harvesting the paddy crop to express their happiness and pray to God for a good harvest. Rain, incense, sun, Indra, and agricultural cattle are worshiped and worshiped to bring prosperity.

Meaning Of Pongal

On the first Amavasya of Pongal, people take a vow to renounce bad practices and accept good things. This work is called Pohi and which means - to go. Pongal in Tamil means boom or turmoil. On the next day of Pohi i.e. Pratipada, Pongal is celebrated like Diwali.

Four days festival

The festival of Pongal lasts for 4 days. Bhogi is celebrated on the first day, Surya on the second day, Mattu on the third day and Kanya Pongal on the fourth day. Worship of Lord Indra in Bhogi Pongal on the first day, worship of Sun God on the second day, worship of Mattu i.e. Nandi or bull on the third day and worship of the girl on the fourth day, which is done with great pomp. Kali Temple.

South India's New Near

Just as the New Year in North India begins with Chaitra Pratipada, in the same way, in South India, the day of Uttarayan of the Sun is considered as the beginning of the New Year from Pongal.

Pongal Gift Ideas

Pongal is a famous festival of South India. On this festival, you can buy and send Pongal gifts online for your loved ones. Explore our exclusive gift collection like dry fruits, chocolates, cookies, combos and personalized gifts. Order Pongal Gifts online for same day delivery & free shipping.