Looking for the best gifting ideas for your beloved sister this Raksha Bandhan? Well, in case you are utterly confused about getting hold of the best kind of gifts for the festival, then we have got you covered. With a scintillating choice of gorgeous gifts that are there in the market, we are here to take our pick with the top 27 choices that are sure to take Rakhi gifting to a new level altogether. Make your sister feel incredibly special with these Rakhi gifts that make the special day all the more memorable to put it precisely.

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Cushions for the Sister:

Find a lovely range of exclusive cushions that have been crafted for the occasion. There are cushions with messages like, ‘’Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears’’. Then you can also explore cushions that come with a naughty twist like bearing the message, ‘’I luv my monster sister’’ etc. These come at pocket-friendly rates and are sure to make your dear sister feel special this Rakhi.

Girl Power Combo Set:

Yes, you have read that correctly. This Rakhi, you can choose to take a break from the traditional gifts and decide to surprise your darling sister by gifting her this Girl Power combo set for the matter. If she has a feminist bend of mind, then she is sure to love this gift to put it precisely.

Green Indoor Plants:

Gift her a handful of greenery this Raksha Bandhan. Find different green plants like Money plants, lucky and prosperous Bamboo, cool Bonsais etc. that come arranged in beautiful vases. It indeed makes for a eco-friendly gift and if your sister is fond of nature, then this shall work wonders.

Scarlet Pink Stole:

How about gifting her a stunning stole that comes in the gorgeous shade of scarlet pink? It works as an incredible choice of gift that shall definitely keep her wrapped in the warmth of your love. Whether she teams it up with eastern wear, or western attire, or a fusion fashion mix, this choice of gift is sure to impress her in a majestic way.

Basket Full Of Munchies:

Is your dear sister a foodie? Well, then gift her a basket full of munchies and we are sure that her happiness shall know no bounds for the matter. With chips, bhujias, snacks being loaded in the basket, these work as wonderful gifts for sister on Rakhi.


No matter how much we have advanced, there is no magic greater than receiving delicious cakes as gifts to put it precisely. So, if you have got a sister who is fond of cakes, then charm her this Rakhi with delectable cakes that have been especially baked for the occasion.


Women can never have enough bags for the matter. Find bags in different sizes and in different designs that are available in plenty. There are embroidered ones, leather bags, clutches, sling bags, zari work bags etc. that are simply too pretty to resist.

Soft Toys:

Soft Toys

Soft toys work as wonderful Rakhi gifts for Sister on Raksha Bandhan. The fluffiness of the soft toys makes these super cute. Be it a cute and cuddly teddy bear, or a plush rabbit, or a fat little owl, surprise your sister this Rakhi with soft tops that are cuteness personified.

A Bunch of Flowers:

Orchid Bouquet with Temptation Rakhi Combo

Simplicity is still the ultimate sophistication. So, if you want to keep it simple for Rakhi gifting, then you can decide to gift your sister a bunch of vibrant blooms that always has this feel good factor about it. Take your pick from a colourful choice of floral arrangements that sit as pretty as a picture.

Organic Beauty Hampers:

Imagine your sister opening a gift box to find it containing organic beauty products from renowned brands. Well, she is sure to love this one-of-its-kind surprise to be precise. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to make this happen this Raksha Bandhan.

Idols of Gods and Goddesses:


If your dear sister has a spiritual bent of mind and loves to perform pujas, then gifting her idols of Gods and Goddesses can make for a great gifting idea this Raksha Bandhan. It works as an auspicious gift as well.

SPA Hampers:

Gift yourbeloved sister SPA hampers and gift her luxurious sessions of self-pampering to put it precisely. Trust us, this shall not only work as an offbeat gift, but also is sure to remind her that how special she is to you.

Wrist Watch:

In the times when individuals can check the time on their mobiles, there’s still a distinctive charm about wrist watches. So, surprise your darling sister with a wrist watch. Find stone studded wrist watches that are simply gorgeous to say the least. And when your sister receives this surprise, it shall be one of the best gifts that she has ever received.

Personalized Gifts:

Add a personal touch to the gifts as you get it customized in your own way. You can add a picture of your sister and you, or a quote, or anything else that she holds dear like her favourite hero’s favourite dialogue etc. Take your pick with cushions, coffee mugs, wall hangings etc. to personalize it in your own way.

Khadi Bath Set:

If your sister has a fondness for natural beauty brands like Khadi, then gifting her an offbeat Khadi Bath Set can be a good choice. We can vouch for the fact that she is sure to adore this choice of gift for the matter.

Basket of Fresh Fruits:

Is your sister on diet? Does she love fruits? Is she a health freak? Well, then surprise her this Rakhi with a basket full of fresh fruits for the matter. It works as a practical choice of a gift for the beloved sister and comes with this healthy twist.

Mixed Roses Combo With Teddy Kit Kat:

Surprise your darling sister this Rakhi with combination hampers that never fail to charm to put it precisely. Grab this stellar choice of mixed roses that come combined with delicious Kit Kat chocolates along with a cuddly teddy bear.

Sweets and Chocolates:

Gift her an incredible surprise that shall usher in ‘’mooh mitha ho jaye’’ moments for her to be precise. Find exclusive combinations of different types of sweets that are combined with different types of chocolates for the matter. Pick the one that matches her taste to make her happy all the more.

Perfect Gift for Best Sister:

Impress your dear sister in a heart-touching manner as you gift her this amazing combination hamper that features a beautiful greeting card, a cute and cuddly teddy bear and chocolates. There’s a distinctive old world charm about this hamper and it is simply perfect to express for affection in the most special way.

Make Up and Cosmetics:

Well, if you are blessed with a sister who is fond of doing make up and cosmetic products, then, trust us, there can be no better choice than to surprise her with the same. Explore a variety of such options that are sure to leave you spoilt for choices.


Sleek, slim and lightweight bracelets work great when it is about surprising your darling sister. Crafted in an array of styles, find pearl bracelets, stone studded ones or the simple ones with charms. These sit pretty on the wrist and work as a cool style statement for the matter.


For the cold months of winter, gift her a designer shawl this year that shall definitely keep her wrapped in the warmth of your love. Find shawls that are made available in rich textures, vibrant colours and perfectly done art work on the body of the shawl.


No matter how much we have advanced, there is no magic greater than receiving books as gifts to put it precisely. So, if you have got a sister who is fond of reading, then charm her this Rakhi with an interesting book by her favourite author.

Spoon Sets:

Spoon Set

If your sister has a fondness for entertaining guests, or for quality products that are a little unconventional, then gifting her a beautiful set of spoons can be a good choice. We can vouch for the fact that she is sure to adore this choice of gift for the matter.

Hair Accessories:

Different types of hair accessories are doing the rounds in the present. If there are thick gajras crafted with artificial flowers, there is also Disney hairbands that look straight out of a fairy tale. So, explore the variety of hair accessories to take your pick with the best one.


Pencils Pack In Bucket

If your sister has a fetish for stationery, then gifting her stationery as Raksha Bandhan gifts can seal the deal perfectly. There are a variety of such products that are made available and these are so stunning that it is sure to leave one spoilt for choices for the matter.


Well, no matter how modern your sister is, there are occasions that makes her want to flaunt a gorgeous saree. Gift her a beautiful saree this Raksha Bandhan and make sure you pick a saree in her best loved colour shade, for it shall make the gift all the more special.

What are you waiting for? Start planning that perfect surprise for your darling sister as Raksha Bandhan 2022 is almost here. Inspite of the arguments, the differences, make sure you surprise her with a gift that is ideal to express your love for her. You can choose from any of these gifting ideas that we have mentioned and don’t forget to let us know about how she loved it.

Here’s wishing you an advanced Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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