Our country has plenty of occasions, festivals, and celebrations. Especially this time of the year, the list of celebrations is endless.

One of the most popular and celebrated festivals in our country is Diwali-the festival of lights. Happiness and joy glow in each home and families and friends spend together this happy festival.

Diwali holds a special place in each of our hearts when we forget all our differences and come together to celebrate this festival with laughter, firecrackers, and lots of delicacies.

When everyone is busy with preparations of decorating the house, children beaming with laughter, firecrackers bursting, and people talking to each other. You should not forget to shower the people around you with some gifts. 

You must be exchanging gifts with your family and friends on a usual basis.

However, you do not do so with your employees, office staff, and workers. So, take this occasion to celebrate this festival by giving Diwali gifts to your workplace family also. 

You might be confused as to what to gift them if you are doing so for the first time. And, if you have been giving gifts to your colleagues you should look for a different and unique idea this year. This would make them feel special and also convey your feelings and beautifully wishes to them. 

There are several gifts that you can gift them. However, the budget and type depend on the closeness of you and your colleague. But, you can buy great presents at both a lower budget and also at a higher one. 

Here, we have some Diwali gift ideas for your employees, office staff, and workers. This will make them feel overwhelmed with emotions because who doesn’t enjoy being pampered by unexpected gifts?

Dry fruits

Diwali Dry fruits

The traditional way of wishing someone Diwali has always been giving dry fruits. But, this never goes out of style either. This box opens up to crunch and health. It reminds your receiver that you care for them and that even from afar during these tough times of the pandemic, good health and a wholesome festival is what you want to wish them.

Desk essentials

Desk essentials

Almost each of your colleagues would have all things handy at their office desk. You can upgrade a few of their belongings by gifting them desk essentials. This can include a hamper of stationery and notebooks, a set of folders or pens, etc. You also have to option to etch their name on the paperweight, pen, or even a notebook. This personalized gift would certainly remain a treasured gift on their desk.


Diwali Sweets

No matter how diet and health-conscious your colleagues have been throughout the year, they are all going to crave sugar and sweets this festive season. Put an end to these cravings by gifting them a box of happiness filled with sweets.

You can either give them a box of assorted sweets or even of just one kind.

Home Décor

Home Decor

Decorating your home is an art. But, there is always space for love, isn’t it? This gift is especially for the co-workers who you are close to. Gifting home décor items such as decorative mirrors, vase, an antique pot, and a lot of other options.  This idea is unique and thoughtful. It also aims at giving a modern twist to the festival of Diwali. These items can be temporary also such as potpourri, decorative candles, etc.

Personal Care

Lakme Personal Care

It’s been a tough year this time. These festive holidays call for a little pampering yourself and rejuvenating yourself for the time after your break ends. Gift your co-workers some personal care products too! These can include a body care kit, a skincare kit, or even a manicure set. Any gift that is fancy and would fill your workers with optimism and enjoy the festival of Diwali.

Plants and Herbs

Plants and Herbs

You can say that this gift option is versatile and can be gifted on any occasion. However, on an auspicious festival like Diwali, it would be a great time to gift your colleagues a new family member-A plant.  It can be kept in any part of the room be it the bedroom, living room, or even the study room. It is going to look great. Your plant options can be the ones that do not grow very tall and are home plants. You can also gift them herbs such as basil, thyme, etc.

They can also bring this to work and keep it on their work desk to make it look more beautiful and let the positive air come along.

Idols and statues

God Idols

The festival of Diwali celebrates the gods and goddesses. People pray for good health and prosperity. Gifting people the statues and idols of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi or Goddess Saraswati would be a rather divine gift. You can also gift photo frames or paintings of these deities. This would be the most auspicious gift that you can give them.


Diwali Gift Hamper

Hampers are the best way to send a few goodies into a single box or basket. This is a treasure of happiness. Club in some sweet treats, a personalized gift card, candles, and some other gift of your choice. When presented beautifully, it will be mesmerizing to look at and also give the receiver festive vibes.

Designer Candles

Designer Candles

The festival of lights- Diwali is the best occasion to light up one’s house with diyas, candles, and laughter. Gifting your office members something to light up their homes is sure to light up their faces with joy. You can gift them a set of different candles, scented candles, or even decorative candles. Scented candles are one of the best choices because of their beautiful designs and aroma that sets the festive mood for everyone to enjoy.


Photo Cushions

One of the best gifts is the ones that have a personalized touch to them. Especially when these gifts are custom made, the receiver feels special and touched by the thoughts and efforts put into the gift. You can have photo mugs, key chains, pens, notebooks, and even cushions that are customized with a special wish, their name, and even a quote that expresses your relationship.

We can say with assurance that this gift will stay with them forever because it makes them feel special.

Ethnic Wear

Ethnic wear is what we look forward to wearing on Diwali. Gift your female worker’s traditional Indian wear. Apart from attire, you can also buy a pair of earrings or some other jewelry. Footwear is also an option to consider. You can choose one of these gifts even if it is for your office best friend. For a female friend, you can give her a complete head-to-toe traditional attire which she can gracefully sport at the festival.

For the male workers, you can gift them a tie or a traditional pair of kurtas as well.

Feng Shui Gift items

Feng Shui Gift items

The Feng Shui gifts are said to bring harmony and peace to your home. Not just that, they are also a visual delight and each of the items has a significance that benefits you. For example, you can gift the crystal lotus, mandarin ducks, or even the tortoise. Each of these brings luck to the receiver and is the perfect gift for a festival like Diwali.

This list has handpicked Diwali gift ideas that you can pick for your co-workers. You can add your ideas along with these options. For example, you can add a greeting card or a small packet of sweets with the dry fruits box. You may also gift a pooja dish along with the idols. 

The more the thought involved behind the gift, the more special the person shall feel. This Diwali, make the people around you happy and spread joy to create positivity and bliss around you.

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