The very tradition of giving and receiving presents is an integral part of every occasion. And so is it with New Year’s Day. Gift exchange is a major part of celebrating new year, but did you know the whole act of gift giving can offer emotional benefits?

There is an enormous sense of satisfaction when seeing the expression on the face of someone you’ve given a gift to. And by gifts, we not just mean some fancy and materialistic gifts. The main purpose of gifting should be to bring joy and celebrate togetherness. New Year is the time when all of us want to start things in a fresh manner. To start things in a fresh manner and with hope you show good gesture by giving presents to people who matter you and who are a part of your life.  Be it your friend, family, employees or clients. So, If you’re confused about gifting your clients and employees this New Year, look no further. OyeGifts gives you a variety of options.

New Year Gifts For Employees..

When your work somewhere, your team members or your employees they become like your family. And having a good relation with them would not only benefit your company but you too would be relieved. Having good employee relations is vital for a successful business plan as well. To show gesture to the people who have been a part of your success, you can have various New Year Gifts for Employees. Here’s the list of few.

Box of Sweets

Assorted Sweet Box With Red Roses And Teddy Bear Combo

Happiness comes in all sizes and flavours! Gift a box of sweetness to your employees where each bite is loaded with delightful flavours and sweetness.

Gift Cards

Bouquet N Greeting Card

Gift cards are a perfect gifts for your employees. Bring  a smile on their face with a holiday gift card.

Notebooks and Journals

They could be a great pick. Notebooks and Journals are the most useful gift. For them to keep a record and listing works.

Fountain Pen

Special Gift For Special Him

Give your employee the pleasure of luxurious writing with a really nice fountain pen.

Desk Organiser

For the employer who likes to keep their desk organised and clean.

Desktop Vacuum

Desktop Vacuum

This mini vacuum picks up dirt, lint, crumbs, and can even be used to suction dirt out of a keyboard. For the employee who is a cleanliness freak.

New Year Gifts for Clients..

 While choosing the perfect New year’s corporate gifts for your clients you need to first consider their interests. You’d off course not want to give them a gift they won’t like, after all! Your gifts should be memorable and personal  so that your partners know that you care about them, and most importantly, their business with you.  So, we’ll answer each and every query of your’s about what to buy below!

Gift Hampers

Heartening Gift Hamper

Hampers are the bespoke, meaningful and aesthetical gift to give to your clients.

Coffee Sets

Cookies & Ferrero Rocher With Coffee Hamper

Coffee is like the lifeblood for most of the working people in the corporate world. These sets could be an ideal present for your clients.

Food Gift Basket

Fun Foods Basket With Dairymilk

Edible arrangements are always the safest and enjoyed gift, especially for your clients.

Personalised Wine Glasses

These could be an elegant pick. You can add a bottle of wine to make it complete.

Flowers with a Chocolate box

Flowers with Chocolates Box

Send them fresh flowers with something sweet to make their start of New Year a fresh one. You can never go wrong with flowers.

Desktop Set

If you want to gift something beyond ordinary, then here’s your chance. With a phone stand, a drawer for accessories, a charging slot, card holder, slip pad case, the desktop set will  ensure that your client’s workspace looks neat and clean.

Gourmet Sets

Baked goods and fruit baskets are one of the common corporate gifts. As they are easy to find, shipped quickly, and there will be something for everyone.

The culture of gifting has been going on for many years now. The word “gift” just makes everyone so excited and thrilled. It is the most tangible way of how we humans express our love and happiness to our loved ones and our work partners. So, this New Year make sure to bring joy to them with these unique ideas. Happy Gifting!

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